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Talent Selection Program for Students to Study in Jiangsu (TSP)

        Jasmine Talent Selection Program for Students to Study in Jiangsu (TSP) is a new program spearheaded by the Jasmine Jiangsu Government Scholarship. Selected applicants will receive extra allowances from Jasmine Jiangsu Government Scholarship apart from the scholarships they receive from their universities. TSP intends to select outstanding students and support them as they pursue degrees in Jiangsu. Each program is carefully designed with a comprehensive curriculum. Top tutors will be assigned to students to provide them with rich cultural experiences, priority internship opportunities and positive employment prospects.
TSP will be implemented thus:
Cultivating scientific innovation talents: focusing on cultivating high-level, technological innovation. It aims mainly at students pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree.
Cultivating professional elites: focusing on cultivating talents for key industries. It aims mainly at students pursuing a bachelor’s or a master’s degree.
Cultivating high-level skilled talents: focusing on cultivating high-level local skilled talents for "companies going global" and countries or institutions involved in the BR Initiative. It aims mainly at students pursuing a college or a vocational diploma.
Program Name Program Number The student number of each degree level Scholarship TSP Allowance
Cultivating scientific research talents Doctoral 13 Doctoral 182 43800-92200RMB/year Each student will get extra 10000RMB as the TSP allowance for all the academic years.
Master 7 Master 218 22800-101200RMB/year
Cultivating professional elites Master 10 Master 200 22800-101200RMB/year
Bachelor 10 Bachelor 200 19100-59200RMB/year
Cultivating high-level skilled talents Associate 20 Associate 400 11400-35100RMB/year
Total 60 1200
Total University Number 51
Application Requirements         All applicants must meet the following basic requirements for the TSP. Additional requirements may apply for specific categories of projects of the schools.

        1. Applicants must hold a valid foreign passport or nationality certificates for four years or above, and have an actual overseas residential record for at least two years over the last four years (by the end of April 30th of the year application).

        2. Applicants must apply from abroad. Requirements may be flexible on an individual basis if the applicant is an outstanding new graduate from universities in Jiangsu and is recommended by his or her graduating school to pursue a master’s or doctorate degree in Jiangsu.

        3. Applicants should be in good health according to the Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China.

        4. Applicants should have a good knowledge of and friendly attitude toward China, abide by laws and regulations, and have no criminal record.

        5. Applicants should have good grades that meet the enrolment requirements of specific cultivation projects.

        6. Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation from a high-level administrator and a senior teacher from the school where he or she obtained the highest degree to prove that applicant’s performance at school and academic capabilities are well qualified for further education in Jiangsu.

        7. Applicants should have an appropriate languages’ proficiency and are expected to submit related certificates, such as the HSK certificate, or other proof of Chinese language learning or examination. Applicants from a non-English speaking country and applying for a program taught in English should submit a valid proof of English proficiency.

        8. Applicants pursuing a bachelor’s degree should have graduated from high school and be 25 years old or under; those pursuing a master’s degree should have obtained a bachelor’s degree and be 30 years old or under; those pursing a doctorate degree should have obtained a master’s degree and be 35 years old or under.

Application Checklist

        1. Application Form of the TSP;

        2. Personal statement (500 words above, in Chinese or English);

        3. Endorsed education certificate and transcript;

        4. A copy of passport and relevant residential certificates;

        5. Health certificate;

        6. Proof of no criminal record;

        7. Certificate of Chinese or English language proficiency;

        8. Two letters of recommendation from a high-level administrator and a senior teacher from the school where the applicant obtained the highest degree (for the applicant who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree.);

        9. Letters of recommendation from two or more senior persons (for the applicant pursuing a master’s degree);

        10. Study plan (for the applicant pursuing a master’s degree);

        11. The applicant may have to take a written examination or be interviewed.