Opportunities for Research & Practice

Yangzhou Unviersity

Opportunities for Research & Practice

College of Animal Science and Technology

1.      Each student in the college will be guided by a designated teacher with certain teaching and research experience.

2.      All students including foreign students in the college could use the research platform under the guide of his/her supervisor. With the rich research fund in the college, all the students could have chances to use certain instruments to conduct scientific research in the labs.

3.      CAST collaborate with many national large-scale fodder processing plant, pig breeding, beef and dairy cattle breeding, poultry breeding, meat processing, dairy processing enterprises and send a large portion of students to practise there each year.

4.      With several years of great efforts, CAST have established research groups on poultry breedinng, ruminant nutrition, dairy cow breeding, good genetics in Chinese yellow cattle, and animal transgenic resources, all students of CAST could have chances to participate in scientific researches or be a member when enrolled as a postgraduate.



1Manufacturing Equipment and Numerical Control Technology

Applying the NC technology in the transformation and development of traditional machineries and equipments

Five axis Parallel Machine                    CNC Lathe Machine

2Mechatronics and Robotics

Aiming at the R&D of high-tech


Automatic Portage Robot            Snake-like Robot

3Automatic Control and Testing Technology of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment

Carrying out the R&D of the control systems and testing equipments


4Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology of Mechanical and Electrical Products

Applying the digital design and analysis techniques to product design and manufacturing


Stamping Simulation of auto panels and its springback analysis  Simulation of Gearbox assembly line

5Mechanical Structure Analysis and Optimization

Carrying out the dynamic analysis and optimization of product structure, and improving its reliability and lifespan


Laser cutting Machine           38 Meter concrete pumping vehicle

6Mechanical Innovative Design and New Product Development

Using the innovative design theory and methods for developing the advanced and practical products


Advanced Rice Seedling Transplanter      Integral Rotary Tiller



7Surface Engineering and Advanced Processing Technology of Modern Materials

Improving the macroscopic properties of materials through the research of material interface characteristics



College of Civil Science and Engineering

The college focus on the training of creativity and innovation ability of students .The Postgraduate students have acquired 6 projects of Jiangsu Province innovation fund and two theses had been chosen as the  Jiangsu Province outstanding master's thesis in recent 5 years . The undergraduate students have achieved National, provincial contests award more than 200 items ,National, Provincial College Students' innovation and entrepreneurship training project 7 items, Yangzhou University Science and technology innovation fund project 60 items, and won the cup of  "Challenge Cup" extracurricular science and technology work competition of Yangzhou University for three years .


The College try to improve student’s practical ability and was named the school social practice advanced units for 9 consecutive years .More than 50 report of the students were named the province, outstanding research report." China people's Daily", "Guangming Daily", "Chinese education" which was above the provincial level media has reported relevant activities more than 100 times.


College of Veterinary Medicine

The freshman and sophomore students have the opportunities to perform innovative design and research and apply for university-level and provincial funding for innovation and entrepreneurship training program.  Under the guidance of the supervisors, the graduate students may apply for university-level and provincial funding for creative academic technology.


As usual, these projects are expected to be accomplished in one year, and the outcomes are accessed by the quantity and quality of published manuscripts. Through systemic research and practical training, the basic scientific research quality of the graduate students and the quality of their research and innovation capability can be improved.


College of Information Engineering

Overseas students could follow supervisors to deal with research project, such as National Natural Science Fund Project, Jiangsu College Natural Science project, Undergraduates’ Innovation project and other national, provincial, ministry-rank and college-rank projects


Considering the needs of employment, overseas students could participate in the cooperation projects between college and enterprises, suchas Jiangsu Donghua Testing Technology Corporation, Ltd, Jiangsu Lianhuan Pharmarceutical Corporation, No.14 Research Institution of  China Electronics Technology


Medical College

College offers chances of clinical practice for each student. At present, international students are arranged in Northern Jiangsu People's Hospital for clinical practice.

Northern Jiangsu People's Hospital (NJPH), also named as Affiliated Hospital to Yangzhou University, Clinical Medical School of Yangzhou University, Yangzhou Red Cross Central Hospital and MOH International Assistance Net-work Hospital. Its predecessor was a Baptist hospital founded in 1900. It was authorized as the first group of “Tertiary Level A” hospitals of Jiangsu Province with other 8 hospitals in 1994. NJPH is the largest general hospital in Yangzhou with the longest history and full function, and becomes the center of medical care, education and scientific research in this region.

NJPH spreads over 150,000 square meters of building area and it has a fixed capital of more than 1 billion RMB, among which equipments total value over 500 million RMB including 52 sets of equipments valuing over one million RMB such as PET-CT, Gem-CT, large aperture CT,64 slice spiral CT, 3.0T MRI, High-energy linear accelerator, simulator, DSA, SPECT, DNA genetic analyzer, endoscopic surgery simulation training system, intravascular ultrasound system, 3-D electrophysiology mapping system, rehabilitation robots, Full-Automatic Biochemical Analyzer., Color Doppler, echocardiographic machine, high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), excimer laser, Digitalized molybdenum and rhodium two-targeted breast X-ray machine, digital gastrointestinal machines and etc.; over 577 sets of apparatus valuing 100,000 RMB such as gene chips, extracorporal lithotiptor, intraaortic balloon counterpulsation instrument, extracorporeal circulation machine, arthroscope, Microendoscopic discectomy, Microendoscopic Discectomy, Laparoscope, conchoscope, Multi-functional anesthesia workstations, flow cytometer,drug concentration detector. The library stocks over 50,000 books in Chinese or English, and more than 500 journals. Information can be searched by computer, disk and online database.

In recent years, the domestic and international academic exchanges are very active. The hospital successively built friendly relationships with universities and hospitals of America, Germany, Korea, Israel and Australia. The connection with domestic medical universities and hospitals has proceeded even more extensively and deeply. These years over hundreds of new technologies and projects were carried out, more than 100 scientific and technological awards were given at municipal level or above and over 100 national and provincial medical continuing education projects were held in the hospital.

The School of Hydraulic, Energy and Power Engineering (SHEPE)

Till fall 2013, over 40 training bases are established with our industry partners to enrich hand-on engineering experiences for the students. Here lists a few companies which regularly hire co-op students.



Co-op   responsibilities

Jiangsu Hengfeng Energy Saving   Technologies Co., Ltd


Hydro-turbine design

Jiangsu Aerospace Hydraulic   Equipment Co., Ltd


Water pump design, adjustable motor drive control for water pumps

Three Star Elevator Co., Ltd


Elevator control, renewable energy integrated elevator, traction motor design for elevator

Yangzhou Huading Electric Co.,   Ltd


Transformer design for PV station, transformer cooling design, electromagnetic field analysis of power transformer

Yangzhou New Concept   Electric  Co., Ltd


High voltage design, electrical installation practice

Yangzhou Beichen Electric   Equipment Co., Ltd


Reactive power compensation equipment design, ring main unit design