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Library of Lotus Campus

Library of Yangzijin Campus

About the Library

In September 1998, Library of Yang Zhou University was incorporated into a library complex by six school libraries affiliated respectively to such former provincial-rank institutions of higher learning as Jiangsu Agricultural College, Yang Zhou Teachers'College,Yangzhou Medical College,Yangzhou Institute of Technology,Jiangsu Water Conservancy Training School,Jiangsu Bussiness Training School,the six of which have been merged into Yangzhou University as a whole in February 1992.

One central library and four campus libraries constitute Yangzhou University Library,namely Yi Fu Library and libraries along Shou Xi Hu Lake,Huai Hai Road,South Jiangyang Road and Yan Fu Road.Moreover,the school library is composed of a number of divisions,including Library Affairs Office,Acquisition Department,Cataloguing Department,Technical Department, Reference & Consultaion Department and E-literature Service. Located at the library are also two institutions: JALIS  Mid-Jiangsu Center as well as Yangzhou University Information Research Institute.

The school library covers a vast floor space of 65,967M2,utilized for a variety of purposes: reading rooms with 8,200 seats, audio studios with 572 seats, visual studios of 95 seats, as well as multimedia rooms of 274 seats.

Book Reservation
Yangzhou University Library enjoys an abundant book reservation,covering 3.258millions copies of similarity 500,000 categories of literature, among which rarely books amount to 1900 volumes and thread-bound ancient literature 80,000 copies.Featuring the book reservation are an all-complete collection of chorography on towns and cities in Northern Jiangsu Province, literatures ranging from literature, history,agriculture and cuisine as well as literatures on studies of Dunhuang Grottes. Also included in the book reservation are vareties of e-publications, covering from mirror images of Full-text for China Academic Journals and Wangfang Database System to DIALOG International On-line Search Accont and approximately twenty categories of disc database.

Share of Information
Yangzhou University Library is endeavoring to enhance its computer-based open-class service. Since computerized Hui Wen System found its application, the library has constructed a complete set database for both book-reservation catalogues and readers, which ,in turn, has resulted in a share of resoures entitles to book-card bears teaching or studying on the different campuses.

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About testing center

Testing center is a large scientific instruments sharing service platform and has a modern laboratory about 6,259 square meters and instruments which worth 83.1125 million Yuan. It is one of the largest and the most advanced modern testing center in the colleges and universities of Jiangsu province. The center obtained national laboratory accreditation qualification in December 2004, and successively passed the renewal review twice (in2009 and 2012). So the center can give legally binding test reports. Besides, the center is also the supporting unit of "Jiangsu  Province material micro area and performance testing service center" and "Jiangsu Province Yang Zhou new LED light source material testing technology service center".

The center has more than 40 sets of the international advanced large scientific instruments and equipments, including field emission scanning electron microscopy, field emission transmission electron microscope, environmental scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, high field NMR spectrometer, solid wide cavity NMR spectrometer, paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy, thermal analysis system (thermal, mechanical, thermal expansion, differential scanning calorimetry), flow cytometry, round two color spectrometer, gene analyzer, laser Raman spectroscopy, FTIR spectroscopy, UV Vis NIR spectrometer, rotating target multi crystal X ray diffraction, single crystal X ray diffraction, small angle X ray scattering, X ray fluorescence EDS, direct reading spectrometer, inductively coupled plasma spectrometer, wavelength dispersive X ray fluorescence spectrometry, ion chromatography, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer, infrared carbon sulfur analyzer, element analyzer, LC-MS, GC-MS, plasma mass spectrometer, ultra high resolution time of flight mass spectrometry etc.

There are 26 staffs now that includes 18 people with doctoral degree (including in reading), 2 people with master's degree, 1 professor, 4 people with high title and 20 people with intermediate title.
The center focuses on professional technical training and technical exchanges between internal and external to improve the analysis ability and it encourages the technical personnel to carry out researches and solve the technical problems in the existing conditions. Moreover, it pays attention to the promotion and popularization of the testing technology, so it launched a postgraduate course and participated in the experimental teaching and the practice guidance of undergraduates. The center encourages interested students to participate in the operation of technical training and technical innovation research.

The center welcomes everyone to entrust sample testing, sample analysis, technical training and technology development etc. The center will provide "scientific, fair, accurate, efficient" service wholeheartedly.



Stadiums and Facilities

Our University owns 4 standard ground track fields, more than 100 pieces of outdoor basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, badminton courts, 6 pieces of comprehensive fitness area, 2 table tennis and badminton halls, 4 stadiums and 2 swimming pools. The total area is 194,897 square meters. Among them, the basketball hall, table tennis hall, martial arts hall and strength training room of Lotus Pond campus; the martial arts hall and strength training room of the Slender West Lake campus; the ground track fields of two campus are used for the training of high level sports teams. Sports medical supervision research laboratory and sports nutrition research laboratory provide scientific guarantee for the high level sports team training.