Yancheng Institute of Technology

Why choose Yancheng Institute of Technology

High-quality Educational Resources

The School of Humanities of Yancheng Institute of Technology, mainly responsible for the teaching of Chinese language, is subdivided into Chinese, English and Tourism departments. There are nearly 1000 full-time students and 59 teachers, including 25 professors and associate professors, 33 doctors and masters. The School of Humanities has a group of teachers who are professional and well-experienced in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Small-class-based lecture is implemented in the teaching. The teaching methods, flexible and various, give prominence to the pertinence and practicability. In addition, the training of foreign students actual language ability is paid much attention to, through which great progress has been made.

Diversified Educational Activities

The School of Humanities sets up Chinese learning classes of multiple levels on the basis of students proficiency, and students can also experience and learn diversified traditional Chinese culture. By refining teaching contents and subdividing their grades of basic Chinese knowledge, we will teach students in accordance of their aptitude and fully meet the learning needs of different students. According to different learning objectives, seminars of different natures are set up, such as short-term Chinese language courses, courses for Chinese majors and courses for non-Chinese majors. On the one hand, the open teaching approach is developed based on the learning characteristics of students. On the other hand, it combines the mastery of communication skills with the grasp and comprehensive understanding of Chinese language knowledge so that students can learn Chinese easily and quickly.

Reasonable Education and Living Expenses

Being a public university in China, Yancheng Institute of Technology can provide foreign students with high-quality Chinese teaching. Located in the coastal area of East China, excellent teaching resources are also available here compared with other major cities. Moreover, foreign students can have comfortable rooms to live in and a variety of food to choose from ,but just have to pay low tuition. As a result, the economic burden on them can be relieved.

Considerate Service

1. Recommending outstanding students and foreign students to help each other by one-to-one learning.

2. Meeting foreign students at the airport free of charge.

3. Helping foreign students to register, have physical examinations and apply for residence permit.

4. Organizing them to experience culture in and around Yancheng.

5. Offering them favorable medical emergency treatment in the school clinic.