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Pre-school Education Group

Keeping vanguard and creativity as key principles, Xuzhou Kindergarten Teachers School established kindergarten education group in 2003 by setting up eight kindergartens besides its affiliated kindergarten. Currently, there are 2,113 students with 320 faculties. The kindergarten education group has been the preschool education base of teaching and research, internships, and vocation providing in Xuzhou, even in the northern area of Jiangsu, training over 20,000 interns and providing almost 200 jobs for graduates every year. Under the guidance of the topic-based group “Preschool bilingual teachers’ training and research” by the Educational Board, kindergartens actively explored the new mode of “bilingual teaching”. It reaches that kindergarten education extends to 0-year infants, and it also establishes parent-children kindergartens. Besides, the group provides locations for nationwide qualified kindergarten teachers training, provincial kindergarten quality classes competition, Northern Jiangsu qualified kindergarten teachers training, etc, receiving over 10, 000 kindergarten teacher visitors. The successful establishment of kindergarten education group leads the development of northern Jiangsu kindergarten education by providing excellent sources;which not only has consistently satisfied the demands of the popularized qualified kindergarten education,but has been making huge contribution to further advance of Xuzhou preschool education as well.