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Historical Evolution

Xuzhou Kindergarten Teachers School can be traced back to Xuzhou Union Middle School. It was established through the amalgamation of three private schools on 23rd February, 1949. Its current address is at the Jiafang Road Primary School. In August 1956, Xuzhou education bureau took over the school and changed its name as Xuzhou No.1 Junior Middle School (public). In the summer vacation time of the year 1958, it was upgraded to Xuzhou No.8 Middle School. In April 1968, the school was moved to No. 20, Kuihexi Road, Jiafang Road, Xuzhou. The company covers a floor area of 23 mu. Up to 1975, the company had possessed 30 instructional classes and 91 teaching and administrative staff. In 1980, in response to the spirit of secondary education reform from Chinese Communist Party Central Committee, the school started to enroll students of occupational education, successively offered such specialties as nursery education, electronic device, financial statistics, library management, etc. Owing to the daily increasing education quality and social demand, in September 1984, Xuzhou No.1 Occupational Middle School, whose main specialty was nursery education, was established on the basis of the No.8 Middle School. In December 1984, proved by Jiangsu government, Jiangsu Xuzhou Kindergarten Teachers School was established in Xuzhou No.1 Occupational Middle School.


Major Offered

Xuzhou Kindergarten Teachers School, consisting of eight majors, namely, Preschool Education, Bilingual Education, English Education, Music Education, Art Education, Music Performance, Dance Performance, and Decoration & Art Design, has turned into a fresh education institution which gives priority to preschool-normal-education with characteristics of art.


School Amenity

XuZhou Kindergarten Teachers School has 344 Experiments and Training Rooms, incuding Science, Chemistry and Biology Laboratories,  Kindergartens’ Playing and Teaching Rooms, Children’s Health-care Rooms, Children’s Sense-training Rooms, Dancing Rooms, Digital-piano Rooms, Piano Rooms, Mutimedia Rooms, and Training Rooms of Orff Music Education Activities,etc..


Teaching Faculty

 Teachers in XuZhou Kindergarten Teachers School are reasonably structured. There are 151 full-time teachers with bachelor’s degree or above this level, including 59 persons with senior professional titles, occupying 39.07% of the total number of full-time teachers, 47 persons with master's degree, occupying 31.13% of the full-time teachers (7 persons are under post-graduate students), and 23 persons with the title of associate professor. The student-teacher ratio is 15.72:1. The number of full-time teachers corresponds with the professional settings and the number of students: each specialty is equipped with more than 5 full-time teachers with senior or sub-senior professional skills positions; each course of the main professional skills is equipped with more than 2 full-time teachers with mid-level skill positions; 9 visiting professors are employed by the school.


In order to strengthen the ability of scientific research, Xuzhou Kindergarten Teachers School, on the one hand, has been actively implementing “Qinglan Project” and “Renowned-Teacher Project”; on the other hand, it has issued a series of preferential policies to introduce the talents with either above- postgraduate degrees or senior professional titles. In addition, aiming at optimizing the structure of teaching staff, the school offers a multitude of opportunities for teachers to receive relevant trainings, both home and aboard. Presently, 60 teachers have successively been to foreign countries, such as UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, Singapore, etc. to take up advanced studies, which not only broadens their horizon, but enhances professional skills as well.


Research Achievements

Xuzhou Kindergarten Teachers School has strong scientific research atmosphere and has achieved fruitful results. It has undertaken 64 research projects at all levels, including 4 national projects and its sub-projects, 12 provincial projects about Jiangsu Provincial Education, Science and planning issues, etc., 31 municipal projects about Xuzhou city education, science and planning issues, etc., 17 school-level projects. There are six projects have gained awards such as the outstanding achievement award of "scientific research projects on teacher education ". Since 2005, the teachers have already published 419 papers and works, 68 compiled works, and 304 papers won awards over the municipal level competitions. Approval by the higher authorities, Xuzhou Early Childhood Education Teachers’ training center and Training Center for pre-school education of Jiangsu, Xuzhou Institute of Educational Science Research were established in our school. Therefore, our school has become the main base for training the early childhood education teachers in the northern area of Jiangsu.


School-running Features

Adhering to the school philosophy of " school with characteristics, students with specialized knowledge" and the training objectives of "qualification and specialty", the school has been run as an excellent and specialized pre-school education for 25 years. The school orients various courses to English, music, fine arts, computer and dance, which greatly triggers students’ individuality. The school also offers a rich variety of outreach programs, such as bilingual education, Orff music education, parenting education, child nutrition and catering courses. Students' professional skills have been enhanced by the practices ranging from traditional educational practice to community activities, to cultural arts festivals, to students’ professional performance reports, and to social practice. The school has put much emphasis on students training, cultivating qualified teachers with specialized knowledge to meet the needs of the employing units at different levels.


Cooperation in Running a School

XuZhou Kindergarten Teachers School, in cooperation with some well-known schools, provides the training and studying-abroad services in the ‘Opening’ year. It co-worked frequently with Beijing Dancing School and Shanghai Music School in holding ‘National Childhood Dance Teacher Training’, ‘China Dance Grading Test Training’ and ‘Piano Grading Test Training’, etc.  It cooperated with Zhi-yuan Institute of Education of Singapore in developing the “4+1” programme, signed exchange and training agreements with Hunan University of South Korea and Winston Institute of Canada, and paid cultural visits to Thailand, Japan and France and so on. The school has educated more than 50 South Korea learners who came from the Chinese training institute in charge of South Korean Ministry of Labor and served for over 60 teachers and 50 students, providing them with studying abroad programs, training and cultural visits. Collaborating with eminent universities home and abroad, Xuzhou Kindergarten Teachers School has increased the training programs, renewed the educated thoughts, and speeded up the progress of establishing an international school.


Employment and Distribution

Xuzhou Kindergarten Teachers School proposes a cultivating target of enabling students to choose a job, to seek a job, to make a plan of themselves and to establish a joint venture. The career guidance programs are carried out in the light of grades and phases, which could integrate the academic development with career guidance closely, thus, guiding graduate to emancipate the mind, change the concept of employment, and improve the competitiveness of employment. Our school will concern more about the market demand, strengthen the ties and communication with employers and continue to expand graduate employment opportunities, and establish a sound information base of the employing unit. To ensure the full employment of graduate, our school will investigate the employment situation of graduates at any time. For students with special difficulties, we will assign a teacher to help and guide them. In order to encourage students to find a job, our school has set up a College Student Employment Guidance Center and Entrepreneurship Workshops.