Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

Campus Facilities

Building 1
Fundamental Teaching & Learning Building

Building 1 was completed and put into use in June 2006, used for teaching and learning for first and second year students.


Building 2
Science & Research Building

Building 2 was designed in 2007 and constructed over two years, officially opened in September 2010. Perkins+Will, an American architecture company, ensured the design was according to international standard.

Building 2 features bioscience research and additional teaching rooms. Blocks A & B are equipped with advanced bio-chemical labs which conform to European and American standards, and equal to the labs at the University of Liverpool.

Blocks C & D are equipped with a number of physical labs. The building also accommodate a number of lecture theatres using Scene Mode Control Systems (an intelligent control system for lighting, curtain control and data projectors), and voting systems to provide a precocious learning experience.


Building 3
Administration and Learning Resource Building

Building 3 will contain the centres for Administration, Learning Resources, Training, and Student Activities, and will house a library holding over 500,000 books.

The design of Building 3 commenced in June 2008 and is now in the construction stage, which began in October 2009, and aims to be completed by December 2012. Aedas, a UK architecture company, ensured the design was according to international building standards.

The design concept was derived from the spatial configuration of Taihu Stone, which features complicated internal voids linking different sections. With the scale and originality of its design concept, Building 3 will be the landmark structure for the higher education town.


Building 4/5/6/7
Engineering & Management Building

The architectural design began May 2009, construction in December 2009 and currently on schedule to be finished by the end of 2011, with teaching in September 2012.

The Suzhou Institute of Architecture Design Co. controls the project, its architecture style following the features of Building 2, and in unison with the other buildings.

The Engineering and Management Faculties Building comprises of four linked blocks: Building
4 - Electrical and Electronic Department; Building 5 - Civil Engineering Department, Civic Design and Architecture, and the Language and Culture Department; Building 6 - Commercial Economic and Management Faculty; Building 7 - co-shared centralised facilities, including café and lecture theatres.