Wuxi Institute of Technology

Why choose Wuxi Institute of Technology

Wuxi Institute of Technology (WXIT) is an independent and full-time public higher vocational institute, which was authorized by the National Education Ministry and is under the jurisdiction of Jiangsu Education Office.  

WXIT is one of the first group of twenty-eight “National Higher Vocational Model Colleges”.

In 2012, WXIT has been approved to offer joint applied four-year educational programs together with Jiangsu University.

WXIT is located near the beautiful Tai Hu Lake.

WXIT has set up 13 academic schools and sections.  At present it has about 13,000 full-time students living and studying on campus and has a faculty of more than 800. 

       WXIT started enrolling international students in 2014.  About 600 international students from 26 countries come to study in WXIT.