Wuxi Institute of Arts & Thechnology

Campus Facilities

Recreational Activity Centers

The various sports center of the school can be used by the scholars, some of them need the fares for the activities. Scholars shouldn’t disturb the school environment and leisure periods of other students. Scholars also have to be well known about the premises environment there and try to be cautious about the safety:

Outdoor Basketball Free Opening Hours:8:00-22:00

Indoor Badminton Free Opening Hours:8:00-20:00

Outdoor Football Free Opening Hours:8:00-20:00

Library Services

The library is open for everyone including scholars. Visiting scholars are required to show their library cards at the entrance for security reasons. Scholars are checked by the library staff by verifying their identity card when they enter the library. Please seek help from the library staff if you have any problem during the book borrowing procedure.

The Workshop

The workshops open the whole day for the Scholars. The teacher will provide technical advice in the class, and after the class, the scholars will do their works in the workshop.