Nantong Vocational College

Why choose Nantong Vocational College

Why Choose Nantong Vocational University

High quality of educational resources

1. Outstanding teachers’ team: the lectures are Nantong Vocational University professional Chi2345nese teachers who have got master degree of professional international Chinese language education and have rich experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language.

2. Superior accommodation and study environment: the students can choose dormitories of different levels and study in beautiful campus.

Teaching students in accordance with their aptitude

1. Free professional Chinese language pre-test, confirm students’ language proficiency, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude and arrange classes according to their language proficiency.

2. Arrange regular examinations according to students’ learning process, and then transfer to the appropriate class according to the results.

Put into practice what has been learned

1. Study professional courses while learning basic Chinese communication skills

2. Rich social practice: internship, social practice, life situational practice, walking in to a real Chinese society.

3. Rich recreational and cultural activities: study Chinese culture history folk, martial arts, calligraphy, Chinese food, trips and so on.

Excellent quality with reasonable price

1. Award certificate of course-completion, which will helpful for your further study and work in China.

2. Provide free China university application services to students who want to advance their education in China after completion of the program.

3. Provide pick up services, ticket/hotel reservation and other supporting services.