Nantong Vocational College

  •     GU Xiao-qun, incumbent chairman of Nantong Youjia Industrial Development Co., Ltd. graduated with a major in industrial and civil architecture design in 1987. She used to work for Nantong Investigation and Design Institute, and then engaged in the construction and design work for Tongji  University, Hainan Branch.

    In 1995, she raised funds and established the Nantong Boya Decoration Co., Ltd. and held the post of chairman and general manager. In 1996, she invested and found a professional Home Decoration market -- the first building materials mall in Nantong, which won more than 20 provincial and municipal honors and awards, and is the only provincial-level assured shopping market in Nantong, authenticated by provincial bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.

    In 1998, she invested and set up Mingjia Decoration Center under Nantong Boya Decoration Co., Ltd. which created thousands of jobs, and promoted local economic prosperity. In 2007, she invested and constructed a 120,000 square meters house-hold building materials experience center with a lot of famous brands settled inside, in the hope of creating an international fashionable household building materials shopping market.

    She actively participates in social welfare undertakings, and won many honorary titles, such as; March-Eighth Red-Banner Pacesetter of Jiangsu, one of ten excellent business women pacesetter of Nantong, outstanding member in Women entrepreneurs association in Nantong, one of top ten heroine of Chongchuan district in Nantong. She is CPPCC member of Chongchuan district in Nantong, executive member in home decoration council of building materials association in Jiangsu, executive member in association of industry and commerce in Nantong.

  •  XU Xian-hua, senior engineer, who was born in Nantong,  Jiangsu Province, graduated from NTVU majoring in textile engineering in 1985. He is the vice president, deputy party secretary of Nantong Industries Holding Group Co., Ltd., the president of Nantong Textile Holdings Textile Co., Ltd., and the president of Nantong Haimeng clothing Co., Ltd.  He has conducted and participated in dozens of projects on enterprises’ technological transformation and product development, with a number of the projects winning provincial and municipal science and technology progress awards.

  •     ZHOU Zhi-chao, general manager of Shanghai YOUHE System Integration Co., Ltd., director of Shanghai Intelligent Building Association, graduated from NTVU with a major in building material. From July of 1991 to January of 2001, he has worked as a public servant in Haimen town government of Jiangsu  Province. He launched Shanghai YOUHE System Integration Co., Ltd. in February of 2001.

    Shanghai YOUHE System Integration Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in architecture intelligence integrated system. The company assembles a group of famous domestic experts and scholars in the field of intelligence. Following the trend of fashion and domestic market, the company applies the new achievements of international intellectual technology to provide superior weak system integration service for customers. It has made great contribution to information construction in industries such as government, real estate, construction, energy, education, and enterprise. Guided by the principles of automatic control, energy-saving and safety,  the company is determined to combine technology and architecture perfectly, make architecture intellectualized and humanized, and help customers improve the project value. It has undertaken numbers of project integration for large application information system. Ranked as one of the top 20 in the field, the company has accumulated abundant technical strength, trained a group of professionals, and became one of solution providers---the most competitive industry in Shanghai. In recent years, the company's sales and profit have been climbing up.

    Shanghai television has even made a special report on ZHOU Zhi-chao and his YOUHE System Integration Co., Ltd.


  • WANG Yue,senior economist, works as an engineer, director,and deputy general manager of Jiangsu Tongda Power Technology Co., Ltd. He graduated from NTVU with a major in mold design and manufacturing in 1991. Through the cooperation with technicians, the company has declared 40 patents, 18 of which were authorized. WANG Yue now owns 11 individual patents, and has published five professional papers. He was awarded the honorary title of “the seventh Youth Science and technology pacesetter of Tongzhou" in 2005, the title of “Public Economy and Technology Innovation Hotshot of Nantong" in 2006, the second prize of “Excellent Academic Thesis on Natural Science from 2007-2008” in Tongzhou District of Nantong in 2009, and the honorary title of” the Fifth Outstanding Scientific and Technological Worker of Nantong” in the year of 2010.

  •  SUN Cui-yan, Communist Party member, graduated as a secretary major in 1992. She is now Qutang people's court judge, subordinate to Hai'an County People's Court. Since 2008, Sun has handled more than 1500 cases, without any being sent back to be commuted or for retrial. And the withdrawal rate from conciliation by her is 85.82 %. She is among the best for handling cases, conciliation expert and a five-star judge in Nantong Municipal Court system.

    In February, 2009, Sun was gloriously recorded as individual third-class merits by Nantong City Intermediate People's Court. In June of the same year, she was named the "top ten security guards in Nantong  City" by Nantong Party committee and Municipal government, and won individual second-class merit. In January, 2010, Sun was elected "outstanding political and law police officer in Jiangsu  Province" by Jiangsu Politics and Law Committee. She was recorded as individual first-class merit in June, and was chosen as "Top Ten judges" by Jiangsu Provincial High Court in December of the same year. In 2011, Sun was elected as one of the “Top Ten Heroines” in Nantong, and was appraised as "National Outstanding Judge" by Supreme People's Court. She is the only person awarded this title in Nantong.