Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology

Why choose Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology


The seven years I have spent in NUIST is a story worth telling. Compounded with the rich cultural diversity of the NUIST family, I am able to perceive life in various positive dimensions. The experiences I went through have transformed me into a responsible, self-disciplined person.

NUIST is endowed by experienced and humble teachers and supervisors, well-equipped classrooms, library and laboratories, and modern sports facilities. In addition, the on-campus accommodation is safe and very comfortable.

Lim Kam Sian Kenny Thiam Choy from Mauritius, PhD Student in Meteorology


During my 5 years stay here, I have witnessed the development of NUIST, and as foreigner studying abroad NUIST is a place to be, I feel safe here. Besides, teachers and staff of NUIST are so friendly to guide me in whatever I need, actually this is how NUIST make me feel, once NUISTER always NUISTER. Talking about NUIST makes me feel proud to be part of it!

Lopes Mendes Goncalves Suelly Katiza from Cape Verde, Master Student in Applied Meteorology 


An Amazing learning environment which every student can ever dream of. Adjusting to new environments is always difficult but the friendly nature of NUIST makes it easy with access to learning and living facilities. The regular organization of activities for International students makes the “NUIST Life” complete as this gives us the opportunity to showcase our talents to the rest of the world.

Nuako-Frimpong Kwabena from Ghana, Master Student in Business Management


I came here to learn Chinese in 2016. In 2017 I started my undergraduate study, I did not expect that our school is so big and so beautiful and I was amazed with its scenery! I met a lot of good friends from different countries, and also our school taught me to be more self-confident. NUIST teaches us how to make important choices for our future life and gives us very significant experience! Whether in my eyes or heart, for me NUIST is the most beloved and the most beautiful school.

Tokareva Tatyana from Kazakhstan, Undergraduate in Logistics Management


My experience here as a student is that, we are encouraged to take our academic seriously and work hard towards academic excellence. As NUISTERS, we believe in unity in diversity. The university gives us opportunities to show our different skills and talents. Our teachers are kind-hearted and patient to the students; always ready for help. We love each other and are ready to help one another. That’s why we say “WE ARE NUISTERS, WE ARE FAMILY.”

Khant Hmu Paing from Myanmar, Undergraduate in Computer Science and Technology 


● NUIST has more than 1,500 full-time teachers. There are more than 60 talents including Academicians, Distinguished Young Scholars, experts of the “One Thousand Talent Project” and “National Talents Project”, Distinguished Professors of Jiangsu Province, Individual Experts of Programs of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Jiangsu Province, as well as 10 outstanding teams including the National Teaching Team, the Innovation Team of the Ministry of Education (MOE) and Expert Teams of Program of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Jiangsu Province, etc. Almost 78% of the full-time teachers have doctor’s degrees and 60% of them have experiences of studying or working abroad.

● NUIST has a batch of key disciplines in both state and provincial levels and some brand and characteristic majors in China and Jiangsu Province. There are now 53 undergraduate majors covering the 8 main subject categories, namely science, engineering, management, literature, economics, law, agriculture and art. The master and doctor degree programs almost cover all the undergraduate majors. The discipline of Atmospheric Science ranks No. 1 in China, and Geosciences, Engineering and Computer Science enters ESI (Essential Science Indicators) top 1% discipline. It offeres high quality degree education, language programs of different levels and chinese cultural program to international students. English medium dgree programs are available for undergrduates, master's and doctoral students. 

●  NUIST has authorized HSK examination center which provides online test of  HSK examination. 

●  NUIST library has the most complete literature on atmospheric sciences among all the universities in China. 


To enrich the international students' campus life, NUIST organizes or participates in the following activities for students:
● Culture Activities
Culture exhibition and tours  provide a stage for international students to show their own cultures to other countries.
● Sports Meeting

Football competition, badminton competition, table tennis competition, volleyball competition, etc. within campus or with other universities.
● Study Competition
Chinese speech competition, Meteorology Day celebration, "Rainbow Academic Forum" , which inspires students to put what they’ve learned on books into practice.

● Arts Performances

CIS (College of International Students) singing competition and CIS New Year Gala are popular among students.
● Provincial and national activities
NUIST organizes international students to join the Chinese Bridge Competition, China Exploration Activity, Jiangsu’s Got Foreign Talents Singing Competition and Happy Together in Nanjing,which offer an precious opportunity for international students to go outside campus, show their talents and have fun with other foreigners together.


More than 60 student associations, covering domains of academic studies, scientific innovation, volunteer service, student service, culture, sports and arts are available for Chinese and foreign students.

Various international students' associations provide a platform to show your talents and serve to the school communicty.

● International Students' Meteorology Association

● International Students' Life Department (Dorm Management Team)

● International Students' Publicity Department

● International Students' Arts Department

● International Students' Study Department

● International Students' Sports Department

● International Students' Computer, Electronics and Software Society


NUIST is qualified to enroll international students from Chinese Government Scholarship Program, Confucius Institutes Scholarship Program, Jasmine Provincial Scholarship Program, Nanjing Government Scholarship Program, Master Program of Meteorology sponsored by Chinese Ministry of Commerce, NUIST-WMO Scholarship and University Scholarship. In addition to the above freshman students, NUIST offers specialized awards and excellent students' scholarship annually to outstanding seniors. 


● NUIST's language programs have an economical price. It also has  a reasonable price for degree programs.

● Situated in the suburb area of Nanjing enables NUIST international students to enjoy a much lower living cost. But subway Line S8 makes the transportation to the downtown area convenient. 


NUIST campus provides all-round living facilities for international students. 

●Campus dormitory with air conditioner, a private bathroom, furniture and a water heater. Public kitchen with microwave ovens and electromagnetic ovens is available in dormitory.  

● 24-hour gate keeper in public areas.

● Six canteens offer a great variety of food for students including Muslim food.

● Convenient stores, ATMs, laundry stores, telecommunication service, book stores, snake bars, post office, school clinic and etc. are situated in students’ residential areas of NUIST.

● The university clinic is on campus and large public hospitals is near the campus.

● The student Counseling Center provides services to improve the ability of students to adapt to a new environment and to relieve their psychological conflicts and pressure.