Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology

Campus Facilities





● Every dorm room has an air conditioner, a private washroom, furniture and a water heater.

● The dorm has free school internet access and "inuist" wifi.  Students can also choose to pay for the internet service of China Mobile or China Telecom. 

● Every floor has a public kitchen  with some microwave ovens and electromagnetic ovens.

● There is laundry facilities in the single-room building. 

● 24-hour gate keeper & cleaning service for public areas.





331 classrooms equipped with multimedia teaching systems, including computer rooms and art rooms.






Labs: 247 teaching lab, 48 labs for both teaching and research and 126 research labs.



There are six canteens which offer a great variety of food to students.

● East Campus Canteen is near International Student Dormitory. 

● 1960 Canteen in mid-campus can host big lunch & evening parties.

● Old Mid-Campus Canteen provides a variety of menu including Muslim food.

● New Mid-Campus Canteen is near NUIST library.

● Another two student canteens are located in West Campus.



University Library: 32,414m2, possessing 2.33 million paper documents, 53 databases, 1.68 million e-books in Chinese and foreign languages as well as 19,009 electronic periodicals and 1,884 paper periodicals. It has the most complete literature on atmospheric sciences among all the universities in China.





ll  Sports: 3 standard track and field stadiums, 58 outdoor sports complex and 2 gymnasiums.

l  Music and Arts: arts performances are frequently staged in the Students’ Center of NUIST

l  Students Associations: more than 60 student associations, covering domains of academic studies, scientific innovation, volunteer service, student service, culture, sports and arts.