Nanjing University of Finance and Economics

Why choose Nanjing University of Finance and Economics

Features of NUFE

    The university now has four provincial key disciplines, which are the Industrial Economics, the Finance, the Enterprise Management and the Statistics; 2 provincial key Laboratories, which are the E-Business Laboratory and the Laboratory of Quality Control and Further Processing of Food and Oils, and 2 provincial higher education excellent academic teams, which are from the Industrial Economics and the Statistics. The university also has three provincial higher education brand majors, which are the Statistics, the Accounting and the Trade Economics; a provincial brand major construction point, which is the Law; four provincial higher education outstanding specialties, which are the Economics, the International Economics and Trade, the Finance and the Marketing; and 2 provincial higher education outstanding construction subjects, which are the Food Science and Engineering and the E-Business.




    The university has formed a professional team with proper structures of disciplines, academic titles, educational backgrounds and ages, which have greatly improved the ability of crosscultural communication. Additionally, the capacities of teaching, scientific research, social service are also outstanding in this team. NFUE has 1680 faculty members and 1042lecturers, including 152 professors, 415 associate professors. 247 lecturers have obtained doctor’s degree, and 636 lecturers have master’s degree. 23 lecturers have been awarded the title of national young experts with remarkable contributions or enjoy special government allowances from the State Council. More than 50 people have been awarded the title of provincial experts, provincial cross-century academic leaders, outstanding discipline leaders and the prominent young teachers.




    The university has more than 20 institutions for academic and scientific research, such as China Grain Circulation Management Training Center, Research Center for Grain and Oil Quality Testing Technology of State Grain Administration, Jiangsu Industrial Development Research Institute, Institute of Food Economics, Nanjing Metropolitan Circle Development Research Center, etc. Moreover, the university boasts various social service institutions, such as Manager College, Jiangsu Finance and Tax Cadres Training Center, Advertising Design Firm, Service Department for Scientific and Technological Development. The academic and scientific research institutions have greatly promoted the overall research level and academic atmosphere. In 2001, the university was listed by State Economic and Trade Committee as the first batch of 56 universities qualified for business management training during the 10th 5year Plan Period.


    In recent years, NUFE has undertaken over 100 research and consulting programs for State Economic and Trade Committee, Ministry of Finance, State Grain Administration, Jiangsu Provincial Government, Nanjing Municipal Government and various enterprises and institutions, and has trained more than 7,000 cadres. Engineering majors of NUFE has accelerated their pace to combine production, teaching and research, with over 30 research results being transferred to related enterprises, achieving extraordinary economic and social effects.



International Cooperation & Exchange

    NUFE has all-round cooperation with more than 60 universities in the U.S.A., the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Australia, Japan, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea as well as the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, and the World Bank.



College of International Education

    College of International Education of Nanjing University of Finance & Economics (NUFE), located in Xianlin Campus, was established in December 2008. It is a teaching unit committed to Chinese-foreign cooperation in school running and international student education. The college undertakes numbers of China-foreign joint programs. The overseas universities in cooperation include Cornell University (USA), University of California, Berkeley (USA), University of Toronto (Canada), McGill University (Canada), University of Southampton (UK), University of New Castle (Australia), Saint Joseph’s University (USA), University of Exeter (UK), University of Waterloo (Canada), and University of Manitoba (Canada).


    Since 2009, NUFE has trained hundreds of international students, and many of them choose to study for bachelor's degree in NUFE after finishing Chinese language program.The college offers international students core curricula and customized lectures featured with Chinese culture: Traditional Chinese Painting, Chinese Handicrafts, Taiji, etc. To meet the growing demands of study-in-China, the college designs the major of International Economics and Trade, which is tailored for international students with proper language course adjustment, bilingual teaching and customized practices, aiming at fostering outstanding international business talents with global horizon. 



Chinese Language and Culture Program

    The Chinese Language & Cultural Exchange Program (Non-Degree) at Nanjing University of Finance & Economics offers students a fantastic opportunity to learn Mandarin and experience Chinese culture & life.


    NUFE believes that excessive time should not be spent solely in the classroom at school, but out in the classroom of China. Whether it is one of our weekend trips to the historical sites in Nanjing, or just teaching critical words for getting around the city, one of NUFE’s core beliefs is creating a balance between necessary textbook learning and critical daily life experiences.