Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Opportunities for Research & Practice

The Major of Aerospace Engineering at NUAA is one of the most important teaching and research bases of Chinain aeronautics and astronautics. We have excellent teaching and research facilities, and a faculty renowned for both teaching and scholarship, including 3 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Academy of Engineering. 

Now, a series of laboratories have been established with the financial support of ministerial and provincial governments. At present, with a total space of 47,000 square meters and about RMB 210 million worth of instruments and apparatus, the laboratories have served as a sound base within the college for scientific research and cultivation of innovative talents.

State & Ministerial (Provincial) Key Laboratories and Education Bases

—— State Key Laboratory of Mechanics and Control of Mechanical Structures

—— State Key Laboratory of Helicopter Rotorcraft Aeromechanics

—— State United Engineering Laboratory of Ultrasonic Motor

—— State Teaching Base of Engineering Fundamental Courses (Mechanics)

—— State Demonstration Center for Experiment Teaching of Aeronautical Engineering

—— Ministerial Key Discipline Laboratory of Precision Driving Technology

—— Ministerial Key Discipline Laboratory of Advanced Design Technology of Aircraft

—— Ministerial Key Laboratory of Aircraft Structure, Mechanics & Control

—— Provincial Demonstration Center for Experiment Teaching of Mechanics

—— Provincial Key Laboratory of High Technical Research of Wind Turbine Design

—— Ministerial Key Laboratory of Smart Materials and Structures

—— Provincial Engineering Research Center of Ultrasonic Motors

Laboratories for Disciplines with First-class Facilities

—— Laboratory of Aircraft Comprehensive Design

—— Laboratory of Micro Air Vehicle Technology

—— Laboratory of Structure Strength

—— Laboratory of Man-Machine & Environment Engineering

—— Comprehensive Laboratory of Civil Engineering

—— Laboratory of Structural Environment & Facilities Engineering

—— Science and Technology Hall of Aerospace

Open & Innovative Laboratories for Undergraduate Study

—— Laboratory of Aircraft Innovative Design

—— Open Laboratory of Fluids Dynamics

—— Open Laboratory of Vibration Engineering

—— Open Laboratory of Material Mechanics

The major of Mechanical Engineering is based on the platform of College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering which has a series of national experimental teaching demonstration centers and a number of high level professional laboratories. Mechanical Engineering at NUAA is equipped with standard facilities and outstanding faculties which create favorable conditions for students to master skills.

The major of International Business is based on the platform of College of Economics and Management which has 3 provincial key institutes: Scientific Development Research Center, Energy soft science research center, post-evaluation research center and a series of specialist laboratories such as IBM Lab, Electronic Commerce Lab, and Financial Engineering Lab etc.

The major of Computer Science and Technology Engineering is one of the most popular specialities at NUAA. It is quipped with the advanced laboratories and research centers such as computer center, Center for information Systems Research etc. By providing interns on a regular basis, we establish a good partnership with the enterprises both home and abroad