Nanjing Tech University

Why choose Nanjing Tech University

Why Choose NJTech

President’s Message

Devote to the urgent needs of the country, and to be the first class in the world. Make every effort to make the university to be “Comprehensive, Research-Oriented and globalized”. Gather all positive energies to make the Chinese Dream come true together.

Welcome to Nanjing Tech University. It’s your story. Write it at Nanjing Tech, China.

1、A history of more than one hundred years.

NJTech was established by merging former Nanjing University of Chemical Technology and former Nanjing Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering in May 2001.The origins of Nanjing University of Chemical Technology can be traced back to Sanjiang Normal School established in 1902, and Nanjing Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering was the Department of Mechanics of Tongji Medical and Engineering School established in 1915.

2. High Quality of Academic Experience

1)NJTech opened its door in 1998 to any student ambitious to learn.

2)Courses are highly relevant and designed to cater to the needs and demands of students and employers.

3)Responsible teachers. All the teachers take the Student-oriented teaching idea and pay attention to the interest and experience of students.

3. Strong and Professional Faculty Members

1)More than 900 full professors and associate professors, including 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Science, 3 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

2)A highly qualified team of faculty, guided by academicians and chief scientists for the ‘973 Program’, led by young and middle-aged PhD supervisors and doctors who have returned from overseas, and with a great number of outstanding young teachers as its main teaching force.

3)Our academic faculties are experts in their fields and are able to provide not only high quality teaching, relevant course materials but more importantly, they are helpful, approachable and supportive.

4. A strong contingent engaging in scientific research

1)Nanjing Tech boasts 4 national scientific research platforms: national biochemical engineering technology research center, state key laboratory of chemical engineering material, national special separation membrane engineering technology research center, national center for heat pipe technology research and promotion. In addition,there are 21 provincial research center and 15 provincial key laboratory,involving such fields as materials chemistry,biotechnology,civil engineering and disaster prevention and mitigation,urban and industrial security,high polymer material technology ,etc.

2)The University has undertaken 5,000 scientific research projects, including those of the 973 Program, the 863 Program, and the State Natural Science Foundation. A great number of its scientific achievements have won more than 100 awards at national, ministerial and provincial levels since the ‘11th Five Years Plan’, including 3 Second National Awards for Scientific Progress and Technological Innovation, and 3 Second National Awards for Technical Innovation.

5. A fulfilling Campus life

Outside of lectures and research, a fun and fulfilling campus life is waiting. There are a wide range of sports and cultural activities. There are also Students’ Unions run by students, which bring out the individual atmosphere of each of the campuses. Surely you can always find your interests and people who would like to be with you in the crowd.

6. A comfortable living environment

NJTech offers a supportive and Conducive environment so that the students can relax and focus on their study.

The University consists of two campuses, one in Mofan Road, and the other one in Jiangpu, covering a total area of 4000 mu (or 267 hectares). It is one of the Nanjing’s Greenest Campuses with beautiful scenery, elegant and generous teaching buildings, spacious and practical laboratory buildings, and also warm and comfortable dormitory buildings.

On campus, there are many tennis, volleyball, basketball, football and badminton courts; a swimming pool, a table tennis ball and a gymnasium.

7. Excellent quality with reasonable price

The tuition fees and living expenses are much lower than those of Universities in America, Britain, and other countries.

There are also various scholarships available such as Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship, Nanjing Government Scholarship, etc.