Nanjing Tech University

Nanjing Tech University is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, As the ancient capital of six dynasties, Nanjing is not only the political and cultural center in former times, but also the cultural and economic center in China nowdays, Nanjing Tech University has Mofan Road and Jiangpu two campuses currently.

Jiangpu campus separately covers an area of 4000 mu. which is near the mountain and by the river with landscape beyond compare. Nanjing Tech University not only has beautiful scenery; but also has world-class planning and facilities. Our teaching buildings are elegant and generous, laboratory buildings are spacious an practical, and dormitory buildings are warm and comfortable. We have 3 main libraries in Jiangpu campus, among them, Yifu library won the Excellence Award in International Architecture Design Competition(2006 weihai). The famous Nation Engineering Research Centre for Biotechnology is built inside the campus, which represents the role that the Nanjing Technology University lies in the Engineering field, In addition to that, There are 8 huge dining halls in the campus where serve all kinds of cuisines every day, which can satisfy different flavors of the teachers and teachers from all over the world, There Nanjing Tech University always focuses on all-around development of morality, intelligence and physique of students, On campus, there are many tennis, volleyball, basketball, football and badminton courts; a swimming pool, a table tennis hall and gymnasium, a grandiose and modern large stadium was nearly built. There are even a softball training ground and formal competition stadium, and they become world renowned, due to the hosting 7th ISF woman’s Junior World Championship.

In 2013,the athletes’ village of the 2th Asian Youth Games was established in Jiangpu Campus of NJ Tech, NJ Tech successfully provides accommodation, catering, culture, sports and other related service to around 3800 athletes and team officials from 45 countries and regions, and ensured the athletes devote themselves into event in best condition.

Mofan Road campus is located in downtown with convenient transportations, the famous Technology science and technology innovation building is built inside the Mofan Road campus, it has become the symbol of the Nanjing Tech University, apart from the teaching function of the Jiangpu campus, the function of the Mofan Road campus focuses on the scientific research and innovation, the students are learning to integrate theory with practice, Inside the Technology science and technology innovation building, the students are working together to work out scientific difficulties in the world-class laboratories, some of them even transfer the fruits of the scientific to economic value, and the campus will offer the platform for these students to practice their dreams.