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The Library of Nanjing Tech University is founded in 2002 in the original construction of the former libraries of Nanjing Chemistry University and Nanjing Architecture and Engineering College. There are three branch libraries, respectively the Yifu Library in Jiangpu Campus, the library in Xin mofanmalu Campus and the library in Pujiang Institute. With the building area of 45,000 square meters and 79 regular staffs, the Library is open to the public up to 98 hours per week. Main Departments are also facilitated, such as the Offices for staffs, Information System Department, Information Consult Department, Digital Library Department, Literature Resource Department and Reader Service Department.

The Library of Nanjing Tech University is one member of the Higher Education Literature Security System and Engineering Literature Centre in Jiangsu Province. The collections are abundant in variety, covering social science and natural science, among which the literature in the field of chemical engineering, material engineering and civil engineering is rich in both quantity and quality which contributes to the feature of the collection and has a certain impact on domestic universities. Currently, the Library owns collection in amount of 1.98 million volumes with 1.65 million volumes electronic books.
In the aspect of the digitalization construction, the Library of Nanjing Tech University is not only the first university which used the Chaoxing Electronic Books Mirror Site in Jiangsu Province, but also one of the universities which use the Qinghua Academic Journals and CNKI Mirror Site. The Library owns mega-CDs from China and other countries and over 30 kinds of Network database, including cnki, postgraduate's academic degree dissertation full-text database, doctoral academic degree dissertation full-text database, Weipu database, Wanfang data resource system, China academic degree dissertation full-text database, Renmin University copy material full-text database, National Research database, Chines social science citation index, China science literature service system, Duxiu academic search engine, Chaoxing Electronic Books, Chaoxing Masters Forum, Apabi Electronic Book, Apabi reference books, Yearbooks, Xindongfang multimedia learning database, CALISacademic degree dissertation full-text database,JALISacademic degree dissertation full-text database,Nature (electronic version)Frontiers of ehemical engineering in China, RSC Network JournalsSciFinder Scholar, CA disk database Web of Science databaseEi Village engineering index database,Elsevier electronic databaseSDOL platformSpringerLink electronic resourceWiley-Blackwell full-text databaseACS electronic JournalsASCEelectronic JournalsASMEelectronic JournalsUMI ProQuest doctoral dissertationEBSCOhost databaseOCLC First Search databaseISI professional disciplinary databaseCALISPeriodical catalogue database, cnpLINKerNational Science and Technology Literature free journals database,among which there are 38 Chinese database, 52 database in foreign language , 5 trial database and other characteristic database. Through importing the aforementioned electronic resource, the construction and configuration of the Library is further improved and the goal of sharing of online resource in the campus is also achieved which plays an important role in teaching and academic researching.

The Library of Nanjing Tech University accesses to the Campus Network at the speed of gigabit and is equipped with high-quility servers and other high-capacity storage devices. The automatization construction of the Library started at an early time: in 1992 the book automatic management system was put into use; in 1999 the domestic advanced Huiwen Book Information Management System has been used and the OPAC online public index system was also opened up which offers bibliography query.
Yifu Library, the landmark in Nanjing Tech University Jiangpu Campus, is located in the centre of the Jiangpu Campus. With the modern facade and functional layout it is considered to be the modernized information centre. With comfortable reading environment with central air-conditioners and transparent reading rooms all the facility in the library reflect the human- oriented and reader-centred service conception and the service model which combines storing, borrowing, reading and consulting.
In addition to offering the borrowing, reading, copying, consulting and inter-library borrowing of the literature, the Library of Nanjing Tech University also offers other sp
ecial servicelike the coordinate borrowing and delivering service by experts. Through intensive management, the libraries in three campuses have realized the sharing of resource and seamless link which forms a complete service system.

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Nanjing Tech University has a strong scientific research strength,With four State-level scientific research bases,like national biochemical engineering technology research center, state key laboratory of chemical engineering material, national special separation membrane engineering technology research center, national center for heat pipe technology research and promotion. In addition,there are 21 provincial research center and 15 provincial key laboratory,involving such fields as materials chemistry,biotechnology,civil engineering and disaster prevention and mitigation,urban and industrial security,high polymer material technology and the like. Over the past decades,brilliant achievements have been made. The University has not only made great progress in the characteristic professional field, but been the service center of Jiangsu province for small and medium-sized enterprise training. Since the 11th five-year plan,more than 100 awards above the provincial level have been won among which are four national prize for technological inventions and five national scientific and technological progress.

In future, Nanjing Tech University will keep sparing no effort to scientific research and solving certain bottlenecks that in the process of industry development to offer service open to enterprises,putting knowledge to use.

Material microstructure characterization testing instruments


Nanjing Tech University is not only a comprehensive university with hundreds of years, but also advocate sport spirit. Our university has rich experience in holding different kinds of domestic and international sports events. Since 2003, our university has held several sports events, such as the seventh International Woman Softball Tournament, the Softball Games of the tenth National Games, National Softball Championship and Tournament and the softball games of the seventh National City Games. Complete construction and equipment are facilitated in all the three campuses.

The sports areas in Xinmofan Road Campus, both in Dingjiaqiao Campus and Hongqiao Campus, cover an area of about 12000 square meters, including one comprehensive stadium, five outdoor basketball court, one 300-metre- long sports field , two outdoor volleyball court and one indoor gymnasium.

With an area of 25500 square meters, the sports areas in Pujiang Institute which is located in Pukou District is facilitated with twelve outdoor basketball court and one outdoor track field.

The sports areas in Jiangpu Campus cover about 63000 square meters and is equipped with one stadium, one comprehensive stadium, fifteen outdoor basketball courts , eight outdoor volleyball courts, ten outdoor tennis courts and eight outdoor badminton courts.

When the special sports from other countries are taken into consideration, our university specially built a baseball court with international standards for the overseas students. Among all the sports facilities, the stadium in Jiangpu Campus is the landmark which was and will be used as the main handball court for the Asia Youth Games and the Youth Olympic Games that will be held in Nanjing in 2014. After the Games, the stadium can be still used for professional training and extracurricular sports activities.

The total area of the outdoor and indoor sports field in all the three campuses is about 101000 square meters, among which the outdoor track fields can be used for not only track and field competitions and football competition, but also football teaching, physical training for student and extracurricular sports activities. The indoor fields are available for competitions of ball games like basketball match, volleyball match and also aerobics match. Besides, they can also be used as teaching and training areas for different sort of specific sports.

Most of the sports areas are located near the living area for students which are aimed to provide the students with good opportunities to get relaxed and keep fit. In addition to that, it also meets other requirements like physical education, mass sports activities and competitive sports activities. At the same time, with purpose of “society-oriented and serving for the mass”, the sports areas are also open to the public. Currently, several of sports for entertainment are available, such as badminton, tennis, swimming, billiards, aerobics and fitness equipment which can meet the need of sports lovers to get them exercised, entertained and relaxed.

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