Nanjing Medical University

Campus Facilities


University Facilities

Library: The library of NMU, as a medical center of  Jiangsu Academic Library & Information System ( JALIS and an integral part of the Engineering Documentation and Information Center of Jiangsu Province, is abundant in medical literature. Our library is also a member of and the kernel library for the Chinese Higher Medical and Pharmaceutical Libraries, a center for Jiangsu Higher Medical Literature and the Class 1 Consultation Station for retrieving literature in Chinese academic journals. Each campus has one library. The library on the Wutai campus has two connected buildings totaling 9,000 square meters in size. The Jiangning library was put into use in 2007, is 25,000 square meters in size and has a seating capacity of 3000. It currently has 910,000 printed resources, 52 databases, 720,000 e-books and 38,000 full text e-journals. The books are mainly in the fields of basic medicine, clinical medicine, preventive medicine and pharmaceutics as well as books in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, computer science, management, social science and literature. 

Sports Facilities: Gym Center, Outdoor football field, basketball court, tennis court, volleyball court and a multifunctional stadium are there in both campuses.

International Student Apartments: Both campuses have international student apartments. All apartments are equipped with air-conditioner, water heater, water dispenser, single bed, wardrobe, desk and network interface. The international student apartment building in Jiangning campus, constructed in 2011 with separate bedroom, shared shower room, washing room, laundry and public kitchen. Rooms on each floor are double room. A launderette is on the ground floor. The international student apartment building in Wutai campus built in 2007 has both double rooms and triple rooms and an elevator is available 24 hours a day. Each room has an attached bathroom and a kitchen counter. These apartments are electronically monitored and provided with quality residential property management services.

Other Services: There is an international student dining hall, several Chinese food halls as well as Grocery markets on both campuses. Shopping malls are within a ten-minute walk from both campuses make shopping convenient. Other school facilities include barber shops, dry cleaners, telephone booths, a post office and ATM. There are several banks within a five-minute walk from the Wutai campus that offer services such as foreign currency exchange, opening a new account, etc.

Medical Facilities:  Hospitals nearby.