Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology

Why choose Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology

Why choose NIIT?

High Reputation and Influence

NIIT enjoys a high reputation and influence in Jiangsu and China. It has enrolled the students of the highest scores in national entrance exam in Jiangsu vocational colleges for 4 years in succession. The graduate-employment also ranks the best in Jiangsu. NIIT has been awarded the Excellent Unit of Employment upon Graduation by Jiangsu Provincial Government in many successive years because of its high graduate employment rate. And it was awarded by Ministry of Education “the Best 50 Colleges for their Typical Employment Experience in China” in 2012. It is the Chairman Unit of Vocational Education Branch in Chinese Education International Exchange Association, the President Unit of International Exchange Branch in Vocational Education, the Chairmen Unit of the United Association for Overseas Training Program on Leaders of Chinese Vocational Colleges, the Vice-director Unit of Chinese Light Industry Association, and the Director Unit of Vocational Education of Chinese Light Industry Association. It is also the Director Unit of Jiangsu Light Industry Association, the Director Unit of Jiangsu Mechanical and Electrical Vocational Education Group, the President Unit of the Research Association of Jiangsu Vocational College Students Work, the President Unit of the Research Association of Logistics in Jiangsu province, etc.


Outstanding Faculty Team & Teaching Work

The institute focus on the construction of faculty team conscientiously. At present, our institute boasts 1 national excellent teaching group, 2 provincial excellent teaching groups, 1 provincial science and technology innovation group, 2 provincial outstanding teachers, and 1 provincial advanced worker and 2 outstanding educators.

NIIT has always attached great importance to the cultivation and training of students' practical ability. It has strong experiment training conditions in the school:


Widely International Collaboration & Exchange

Based on the two platforms---Professional Technology Education Branch of China Education International Exchange Association and Singapore-Jiangsu Cooperation Council, NIIT has set up a very good cooperation with six vocational education organizations such as American Community College Association and twenty-five similar colleges abroad such as Nan Yang Technical Institute. It organized and planned international forums on vocational education and exchanged ideas on behalf of Chinese vocational colleges several times.


As an “Excellent” institute in terms of International exchange and corporation, till now it has set up good cooperative relations with colleges and educational organizations in several countries, i.e. the UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, the United States, New Zealand, Finland, Korea and Japan. Our institute has established eight majors in corporation with overseas colleges, including Mechanical Manufacturing & Automation, Applied Electronics Technology, Applied Computer Technology, Business Information Technology, Electrical Automation Technology, Film and Animation, International Business, Resort & Hotel Management.