Why Us

Nanjing Forestry University

Why choose Nanjing Forestry University

l   A strong faculty team:

   The quality of the university faculty is highly improved in recent years,with more than 40% of the faculty are associate professors or higher. There are many chair and honorary professors,forming a very strong academic circle in the campus.


l   Establishment of English-instructed master and PhD for international students:

   The university has at least 10 English-instructed master and PhD programs and 62 cours   es taught in English for

   international students to choose.


l   Providing scholarship for international students:

There are three kinds of scholarship for attracting international students to study here,includ e ing Jasmine Jiangsu

 Government Scholarship,Nanjing Government Scholarship and APFnet Scholarship.


l   Providing well-equipped labs forhigh-quality teaching and research:

Every college has established multiple lads with good equipment to support high-quality     teaching and multiple-purpos     e research.The good research environment also professors’     innovation in research activities.


l   Foreign students’ dormitory on campus for convenient life:

  There is a foreign students’ dormitory with the Internet and other convenient facilities for c  omfortable campus life.

  New-coming students are guaranteed to live in the dormitory. A dormitory service room is   in charge of

  helping students.


l   Convenient transportation to vicinity and downtown areas:

University is conveniently connected to many transportation routes,subway,railway station,etc.It take only 15minutes to

the downtown(Xinjiekou square or Hunan Road) by City Bus.