Nanjing Forestry University

Opportunities for Research & Practice


    1.Each student in the college will be guided by a designated teacher with certain teaching and research experience.
    2.All students including foreign students in the college could use the research platform under the guide of his/her supervisor. With the rich research fund in the college, all the students could have chances to use certain instruments to conduct scientific research in the labs.
    3.With several years of great efforts, College of Forestry  have established research groups on Forest Management, Forest Protection, Silviculture, Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding, etc.  All students  could have chances to participate in scientific researches or be a member when enrolled as a postgraduate.


    1、Manufacturing Equipment and Numerical Control Technology
    Applying the NC technology in the transformation and development of traditional machineries and equipments

  • Five axis Parallel Machine      Five axis Parallel Machine

  • 2、Mechatronics and Robotics Aiming at the R&D of high-tech

  • Five axis Parallel Machine      Five axis Parallel Machine

  • 3、Automatic Control and Testing Technology of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Carrying out the R&D of the control systems and testing equipments

  • Five axis Parallel Machine      Five axis Parallel Machine