Campus Facilities

Nanjing Forestry University

Campus Facilities

Nanjing Forestry University(NFU)has the total area of 378 square meters, the total teaching and research equipment of the university reaches to the value of 328 million Yuan.

  • Teaching building:

    The teaching building can accommodatethousands of people at the same time in theoretical or practical class. Somemedical research labs are also set in the teaching building while others innewly built research building.

  • Library:

    The university library has a collection of 1,570,000 volumes and 67,000 periodicals in both Chinese and foreign languages. And the campus broadband network has already covered all the corners of the university.

  • Sports Facilities

    The University has an extensive range of sport and fitness facilities, including a sports Centre, fitness centre, swimming pool, badminton hall, etc

  • Scientific Facilities

  • NFU pays a particular attention to scientific research programs. There are 40 R&D research centers, national key open labs, engineering centers, institutes, and divisions approved by the State Forestry Administration and the provincial government, and there are also 59 university-based research institutions and centers.

  • Canteen