Nanjing College of Information Technology

Why choose Nanjing College of Information Technology

1. Inclusive Environment

        *Nanjing City has a rich historical and cultural heritage

        *Good language and living environment

        *Xianlin University Town has a strong learning atmosphere

        *NJCIT has excellent teaching quality 

2. Idea ofTo Study For the Purpose of Applicatin"

        *Rich types of curriculum

        *Flexible form of school

        *Excellent education teachers

3. Wide Variety of Scholarships

        *Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship

        *Realistic Scholarship

        *College Scholarships

4. Professional Certification Authority

        *2 national training bases: Electrical and Electronic Automation, Network and Communications Engineering

        *2 provincial training bases: Advanced Manufacturing Technology, New Energy Technology and Testing

        *172 campus labs and training rooms

        *250 off-campus training bases 

5. Rich Curriculum

        *45 specialties

        *8 professional groups: Electronic, Advanced Manufacturing, Electronic Components, Software, Digital Arts, Communication Engineering, Information Services, New Energy Technology

        *4 key construction specialties of National Backbone Colleges

        *2 key construction specialties with national financial support;

        *3 provincial brand specialties

        *3 provincial characteristics specialties,

        *6 key constructive specialties of provincial demonstrative vocational college. 

6. Foreign Cultural Exchanges

        *Good  living conditions

        *Elegant campus environment

        *Rich and colorful social life.

        *Overseas students can participate in a variety of student clubs and cultural exchange activities