Nanjing College of Information Technology

Opportunities for Research & Practice

                        Research Projects

1.  GPRS Emergency Broadcasting System (EBS)

2.    IP Broadcasting System

3.    RFID Multi-Channel Non-stop Crossing-Gate Vehicle Management System

4.    Dynamic Information Testing and Analyzing System

5.    Mixed Reality Product Based on Video Perspective of High-performance & Cross-Platform

6.    3D Virtual Multimedia Movies for Cultural Landscape

7.    Mobile-mate (Mini Repeater)

8.    Digital Close-up Magnifier

9.    Wireless Train Dispatching Handhold Field Intensity Measurement

10.  Synthesize Experiment Systems for Internet of Things and Embedded Technology

11.  On-line Detecting System for Metal Oxide Arrester (MOA) Leakage Current

12.  On-line Methane Monitor

13.  Cylindrical Fresnel Lens

14.  Automatic Take-up Power Adapter