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Nanjing College of Information Technology is an advanced vocational education provider, which is owned and run by the State, founded in 1953. The college is upgraded from the Nanjing Radio Industrial School. In 2004, the 287,000 square meters Xianlin campus has been put into use. The college lies in Nanjing city, and it has a total area of 1000 mu (67ha. or 165 acres), 900,000 books, over 11000 students. There are over 600 full-time teachers; over 75 percents of them have senior specialized technology titles.

In 2003, the college became the personnel training base of computer and software development established by the educational ministry. At the same time, the assembly technology major with other three ones are built as the key majors by the Jiangsu Information Industry Ministry. The college has eight departments: Electronics Information Engineering, Mechanic and Electric Engineering, Micro Electronics Engineering, Communication Engineering, Information Services, Computer and Software, Digital Arts and New Energy have been founded in this college together with the Further Education School.

The college pays a lot attention to the cooperation with companies and other colleges. The college currently has such joint teaching programs as BCIT, TAFE, NCC, and NIIT to educate cross cultural students. That gives us amulti-hierarchy, multi-form, and multi-channel operation system. Over the past 60 years, the college has trained nearly 60,000 technical personnel in the field of electronic technology; the graduates are arranged to many large and middle cities of the country. In recent five years, the college is developing overseasmarket especially. And the college has cooperated with NEC (Singapore), Gultech(Singapore) Ltd. Some graduates are sent to work in Singapore. The rate of employment of the college is above 98%, which is in the forefront of the colleges, and the college is commended by the leading departments. The college is titled “demonstration unit of recruiting and employment” by provincialplanning committee and provincial education office for many times.

In the 21st century products are numerical; information exchanges in the net; technology is in integrated, the information technology industry has a good prospect, IT industry needs more high quality vocational personnel with firm theory knowledge and practical ability of technology. The aim of the college is the social need; the goal is “modernization, integration, high-quality”. The College always strives for the heading position of vocational education.