Lianyungang Technical College

  • Play Cucurbit Flute

  • 2016 Opening Ceremony

  • We Are Family

  • the Journey to the West during the National Holiday in 2016.

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    On the Huaguo Mountain

  • Students' Dormitory

  • On the Sea

  • Happiness in Learning

  •             Practicing Singing

    The international students like Chinese songs very much. Now they have learned to sing several songs in Chinese. They are practicing singing in order to give a good performance in the New Year’s Party.


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    Practicing singing

  •                       Delicious Jiaozi

    The international students are interested in learning how to make Jiaozi, a traditional Chinese food, with the help of the teachers.

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    Delicious Jiaozi

  •                   Tai-chi-chuan Show

    Chinese Kungfu is attractive to the international students and Tai-chi-chuan (shadowboxing) is quite difficult to learn. But the students can do it well after so much practice. Have a look here!  

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    Tai-chi-chuan Show

  •                Flying in the Snow

    Winter is coming and snow is falling. We make a snowman to celebrate the winter with our hearts flying in the snow.

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    Flying in the Snow

  •                 With the President

    The President of the college, Mr. Du, takes great care to the international students’ life and study. With the approaching of the New Year, Mr. Du comes to see the students and bring them New Year’s presents. The students show their Chinese Calligraphy and write “Fu”(, good fortune) for the President and other leaders.

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    With the President

  •                Learn about Xinjiang

    Lianyungang is an important port and transport corridor along Lianyungang-Lanzhou and Lianyungang-Urumqi railway line and certain countries in Central Asia, from where our most international students are coming. The food, customs and habits in Xinjiang are similar to those in the students’ hometown. They feel genial.

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    Learn about Xinjiang

  •                     I Love Lianyungang

    Lianyungang is a modern artistic city with great fame. She has had the reputation of being the Top Scenic Spot of East China Sea with a rich history and culture, and boasts many places of interest since the ancient time. There are many Eastern Han Dynasty Cliff Statues(东汉摩崖石刻) ---- the earliest Buddhist Cliffside images ---- on the Mountain Kongwangshan(孔望山) named after Confucius. Now the international students are having a rest under the foot of the Stone Elephant.

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    I Love Lianyungang

  •                   Tasting Chinese Tea

    China is well-known for its tea. The international students are learning tea art and enjoy the good taste. The lecture is given by the Party Secretary of International Exchange School, Mr. Qiu, an expert in Chinese Tea.

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    Tasting Chinese Tea

  •            A Micro-lecture about Beijing

    To make the international students learn more aboutChinaand loveChinabetter, the International Exchange School hold a micro-lecture titled “Beijing”. The Dean, Ms. Wang, introduced the traditional  legends , the food to keep good health, the meaning of Chinese red, etc, and roused students’ great interest in Chinese culture.

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    A Micro-Lecture

  •           Visit the Hometown of Xiangwang

    The international students go to visit the hometown of Xiangwang(项王), a famous Lord of the Kingdom of Chu in ancient China, who lived about 2200 years ago. Xiangwang’s birthplace, lying in the City of Suqian, is a well-known scenic spot, with different styles in buildings, some of Han(汉) Dynasty characteristic and some of ancient palace style. 

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    A Happy Visit

  • New Year's Party

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