Lianyungang Technical College

Campus Facilities

The College has the construction area of 330,000 , 56,000 for teaching, 76,000 for training, 100,000 for students’ dormitory, 7,100 for indoor stadium and 24,800 for library. There are many modern teaching, life and sports facilities, such as sports fields, culture and art center, library, students activity center, hotel, teachers and students’ canteens, and etc. The international basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis competitions can be held at indoor stadium. The stadium also has 2 physical training rooms. There are one standard track and field sports ground, 14 basketball courts, 5 volleyball courts, 3 tennis courts at outdoor field. Culture and art center contains a hall of 1440 people and 372-seat auditorium. Library owns more than 3,200 reading seats, collection of over 680,000 paper documents, 600 kinds of journals, 40 kinds of newspapers and about 10,000 CD books in different languages.