Lianyungang Normal College

Why choose Lianyungang Normal College

Faculty with Courses: Integration of 9 faculties and 1 department

        Lianyungang Normal College (LNC) includes 37 professions and majors, 10 of which have joint admission exercise for undergraduate students with Jiangsu Normal University. In feature of preprimary & primary education, patterns of cultural arts & tourism management have been taken initial shape. More specifically, 6 professions in reference with Chinese language education have been issued to be provincial characteristic courses, with 5 courses in reference with Chinese language teaching methodology having been authorized to be provincial high-quality curriculum. By comparison, 3 experimental bases have been appraised to be first-classic in Jiangsu Province. Additionally, there is 1 provincial excellent teaching team and 1 innovation base of talents training mode in LNC.


School-running Characteristics:

         LNC insists on paying equal attention to programs of teacher education & vocational education and developing pre-service education & post-career education spontaneously. It harmonizes to develop traditional professions & emerging majors in order to build up an excellent group of teaching education, port, marine and modern service and to foster teachers and elites who have high-level ideology, solid theoretical foundation, excellent professional skills, initiative spirit and practical ability.

 School Facilities:

With a total area of 1225.25 acres and planning construction area of 400,000 square meters, LNC currently has a total of 565 faculty members. LNC has an enrollment of 8698 full-time students(undergraduate students nearly 1000 people). Its library collects about 634800 paper books and 25 databases.