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Lianyungang Normal College is a full-time regular school approved by Ministry of Education in March, 2000. It is initially combined by the former Lianyungang Education College, former Haizhou Normal School and former Lianyungang Normal School. Later, in 2002, Lianyungang Management College of Economy Cadres affiliated with it. In 2011, having a cooperation in student training with Jiangsu Normal University (formerly, Xuzhou Normal University), it developed as Lianyungang Branch of Jiangsu Normal University.

LNC has a history of nearly 100 years since the setup of the 8th Provincial Normal School. Over the years, it has cultivated over 40,000 talented teachers who have devoted to the education cause of North of Jiangsu or even throughout the country.  During the time, some of them have gone on to become education experts, special-grade teachers and outstanding education cadres, such as the famous psychologist, Professor Zhu Zhixian, the famous educationist, Professor Liu Baichuan, member of China Engineering Academy and estuaries and coasts expert, Professor Chen Jiyu. What’s more, as the birthplace of the first Party Organization of CPPC in Haizhou District, its funder Li Chaoshi admitted many new party members among the teachers and students, among whom many became distinguished representatives: Lv Jiying, the first female Communist in Lianyungang City and Hui Yuyu, the former Governor of Jiangsu Province, Chen Weida, Vice Secretary of Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC .

LNC covers an area of 1225.25 mu, among which, the Land Plan and Construction area takes up 400,000 square meters. LNC currently has a total of 565 faculty members and an enrollment of  over 8,000  full-time students, among which, there are over 1000 undergraduates. With an impressive collection of more than 634,800 books, the library is equipped with 25 databases. Apart from that, LNC has for many times been cited as a provincial and municipal model unit. Moreover, in succession, it has been awarded as the National Model Unit of the Art Education, the National Afforestation Model Unit, National “May 4th” Flag Model Unit of the Youth League Committee, the Harmonious College Campus in Jiangsu Province, the Model School of Jiangsu Province, the Advanced Group of Education Supervision in Jiangsu Province, the Advanced Group of Moral Education in Jiangsu Province, Safe and Civilized Campus in Jiangsu Province, Outstanding Continuing Education Base in Jiangsu Province and the Advanced Unit of Legal Education Publicity in Jiangsu Educational System. In recent years, the employment rate of the graduates amounts to over 95% and the satisfaction proportion of the employing unit is over 90%. Carrying Out Poem Education, LNC has been awarded the third prize in the competition of Outstanding Achievement of the National Campus Culture. Thereafter, LNC got the award of National Advanced Unit of Poem Education.

LNC currently has a total of 409 full-time teachers including 47 professors and 198 associate professors. Teachers with senior titles account for 59.90% of the total. Among the 409 full-time teachers, 29 have obtained their PhD’s degree and 284 master’s degrees, accounting for 76.53% of the total. Besides, 5 teachers have successively won the Zeng Xianzi Award, a national award for outstanding teachers. 1 has been granted the title of Provincial Teaching Master and 2 Municipal Teaching Master. 16 have been elected into "Qinglan" Project, an Innovation Project of Jiangsu Province and 38 into the “521” Project, a personnel training program in Lianyungang.

LNC puts particular emphasis on the strategy of opening education and actively promoting extensive international exchanges and cooperation. LNC has established partnerships and cooperative relationships with overseas colleges and universities in America, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Russia, Korea and Japan for cooperation in Sino-foreign cooperative education and exchange. The number of joint program student and exchange-program students up to 300. Focusing on international education and to cultivate internationalized talents with international vision and international competition ability, excellent teachers and students are selected to study overseas. Every year, LNC enrolls overseas students from Asia-Pacific area, America, Canada and other countries to study specialist areas and Chinese.