Jiangsu University of Science and Technology

Why choose Jiangsu University of Science and Technology


  • A multidisciplinary university with 80 years of experience and unique academic strength

    1. establishedin 1933

    2.offer sthe most competitive programs in ship-related areas

    3.widely recognized for its significance in sericulture and related biological areas

  • A growing place for highly qualified professionals and outstanding researchers

    1. remarkable reputation among employers

    2. various opportunities for future researchers

  • Living in a modern city with historic significance and very convenient transportation

    1. more than 3,000 years of history

    2. multiple cultural relics

    3. relatively low living cost

    4. less than 1.5 hours’ train trip to Shanghai; 15– 20 minutes’ train trip to Nanjing; 5 hours’ train trip to Beijing

  • An increasingly internationalized campus achieving for a diversified community

    1. various cooperativeprograms with partners from many countries and regions

    2. ready to provide all kinds of convenience for international students

  • A dedicated welfare team that offers ongoing advice and service

    1. fine accommodation, sufficient scholarship and allowance

    2. fullys upport before your arrival and throughout the duration of your study