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Jiangsu University of Science and Technology (JUST) is a school with recognized excellence by the Ministry of Education of China. It has a history of more than 80 years dating back to the year of 1933 with Shanghai as its original location. In 1953, the University grew into the first shipbuilding school in new China and was relocated to Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province in 1970. In 1978 and 1993, it was upgraded and changed to the name of Zhenjiang Shipbuilding Institute and East China Shipbuilding Institute. In2004, the University under its current name came into existence after the incorporation of Jianghai Trade School of Jiangsu Province in 1999 and of Sericulture Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in 2000.

For decades, JUST has been devoting itself to molding its special features in the disciplines of shipbuilding engineering,sericulture science, marine-related majors alongside the new development in other areas of science and liberal arts. As a result, JUST has now grown into a key comprehensive university in China, covering a wide range of academic disciplines including engineering, management, agriculture, liberalarts, sciences and economics while enjoying a fairly high reputation in thedisciplines of shipbuilding engineering, sericulture science and marine-relatedareas.

With its main location in the scenic and historicZhenjiang City, JUST currently has built four campuses covering an area of over427 acres in total, including three campuses in Zhenjiang (east campus, westcampus and south campus) and one big campus in Zhangjiagang, Suzhou City. In the university libraries, there are 1.9 million printed books and over 530,000 kinds of digital books.

By far, the University has set up 14schools, 59 undergraduate programs, 6 doctoral programs and 48 master degree programs. Currently, there are more than 1,164 faculty members including156 professors, 494 associate professors, 344 doctoral degree holders and more than 200 faculty members who have overseas experience. Under the guidance and assistance of faculty and administrative staff, the University now has over 22,000 undergraduates and2,600 postgraduates actively engaged in multiple discipline areas.

In additionto educational training, the University tightly combines applied research with technological innovation and High-Tech achievements promotion. It has undertaken many high-level research projects from National High-TechResearch and Development Fund, National Natural Science Fund and National Social Science Fund. It has also established several national, provincial and ministerial-level research bases (including Sericulture ResearchInstitute, Academy of Marine Engineering Equipments, the Center of Digitalized Technology of Ship Designing and Manufacturing).

As a practice-oriented education institution, JUST pays great effort to maintain substantial links with enterprises. It has successively built up all-round partnership with China State Shipbuilding Corporation, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences as well as eminent enterprises such as Jiangnan Shipyard Corporation. It has established acooperative development committee involving more than 100 enterprises and academic institutes. In addition, many enterprises such as Lowe’s, TSUNEISHIand CSIC have set up a variety of scholarships for JUST students.

With the aimto get more globally involved, JUST has launched various scientific and educational cooperative programs with partners from countries including Russia, Ukraine, US, France, Australia, UK, South Korea, Canada, India, Japan, etc., which are turning JUST campus into anincreasingly diversified community. The forms of cooperation range from jointeducation programs, course articulation programs, course certificate programs, faculty exchange to joint research projects.

In 2012, the University started to recruitinternational students. Other than our academic strength, with theunderstanding that for many international students, living in China is a completely new experience, we have a dedicated support team that offers ongoing service to all international students. Currently, in addition to the English-delivered programs that are specially designed for international students, all existing programs are open to international applicants, the delivering language of which is mandarin Chinese.

In its long-standing educational practice, theUniversity has taken the cultivation of talents as its fundamental task so asto provide the society with creative and application-oriented engineering graduates. In the past 80 years, it has trained a large number of high levelprofessionals who have made great contributions to national defense, shipbuilding industry as well as local economy. Encouraged by the motto of “bearinghistorical responsibilities and striving for national prosperity”, the graduates are highly valued by employers and the society. Many of them have become professional technical staff and senior management officials in local enterprises and institutions. They have been inheriting and carrying forward the JUST spirit, reflecting the fruitful results of the University's talents cultivation. They have been inspiring and will inspire one generation of students after another in JUST to make more brilliant achievements.