Jiangsu University of Science and Technology

East Campus

East Campus is located in No.2 Mengxi Road, close to the well-known Mengxi Square. It is the main campus of theUniversity, and also the oldest campus among the four, offering students a dynamic but quiet study environment in the downtown area.

West Campus

West Campus locates in the beautiful suburb area of Zhenjiang City. It is a place where modern architecture meets Chinese tradition, and a place where you can experience the breathtaking view of boundless yellow flowers in spring. Most freshmen will spend their first year here, and students of public administration and biological study will spend their entire study experience here.

South Campus

South Campus locates at the foot of Nanshan Hill, a famous cultural scenic site and a natural oxygen bar. It is also near the new administration center of Zhenjiang Municipality. Freshmen of management and economics, civil engineering are currently spending their firstyear here.


Locatedin the well-developed Zhangjiagang City, the campus is designed as a digitized, landscape-style ecotype campus. It was established to meet the development oflocal pillar industries and new strategic industries and now offers a variety of undergraduate programs including materials, electromechanics, energy, software, management, etc.