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Brief Introduction to Jiangsu Polytechnic Agriculture and Forestry  College

Jiangsu Polytechnic Agriculture and Forestry College was established in 1923, is located in the national excellent tourism city - Jurong city. It is the national modeling vocational school. It has the home campus and Maoshan campus, Jiangsu Agri-Expo Garden and Jiangsu Tea-Expo  Garden training bases. At present, the college covers as large as 238 hectares, its building area is about 470,000 square meters, the training bases cover as large as 376 hectares.

We have 12435 students and 697 Full-time Teachers, including 150 teachers with high professional title. 71 percent of the teachers are "dual-teacher" teaching staff, in which 5 teachers undertake the titles in national academic organizations and two teachers enjoy the special state allowance. Additionally, there are 5 “333” provincial training staff and 5 middle-aged and young teachers attending the provincial "Blue Project".

It consists of Foundational Department and another 8 departments---Gardening, Agronomy, Vet and Husbandry, Biological Engineering, Information Technology, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Economics and Trade, and Social Science and Art. There are 58 disciplines available. The disciplines of crop production technology, gardening technique, forestry technology, park technology, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine are the national key construction subjects. Crop production technology is also provincial key construction subjects. It has formed a pattern of “basing on agriculture, emphasizing the forestry, appropriately developing the disciplines of second and third industry”.  

The college pays great attention to the international communication and cooperation. More than 80 teachers are sent aboard for further study and investigation. Until now, the college has carried out cooperation with 6 colleges aboard, including Japan Mie Prefecture Agriculture School, Leeds Thomas Danby College, Cornell University, Korea Quannan National University and so on. We have built some Sino-foreign joint institutions, including State University of New York, Sunlin University of Korea, Writtle  College. We also have the “Oversea through-train programme” for Bachelor degree with many overseas institutions, including University of Rochester, Lawrence Technological University, Centennial College, Seneca College, Mount Saint Vincent, Britain's premier university, Queensland University of Technology and so on.In order to encourage academic and cultural exchanges and give our students a better appreciation of western cultures and a global outlook, we organized our students to visit some famous universities and cities in America this Summer. The further development of the international cooperation and exchanges helps us to keep up with the international trend greatly