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Huaihai Institute of Technology (HHIT) was established in 1984. In May 1998, January 2000, and August 2002 respectively, Jiangsu Salt Industry School, Lianyungang Ocean School, and Lianyungang College of Chemical Technology were merged into the institute, In March 2009, the institute was accredited by the State Council to determine and approve the qualifications of Master’s degree.

 The campusis situated to the west of Huaguo  Mountain- a famous AAAA national scenic spot renowned as the origin of the culture of “Journey to the West”. It covers an area of 1624 mu with a floor space of over 540,000 and movable fixed assets totaling RMB105.6 million.

The Institute currently has about 20,000 undergraduates and 1538 teachers. Among the 921 full time teachers, 441 have obtained senior academic titles; 737 hold a doctor degree or master degree with 123 professors and 207 doctors. More than 100 teachers are invited by famous universities such as Renmin University of China, University of Science and Technology of China to work as part-time professors or tutors for doctoral students or masters.

After some reform and integration, HHIT now has 18 facultiesSchool of Mechanical Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, School of Electronic Engineering, School of Chemical Engineering, School of Marine Science and Technology, School of Food Engineering, School of Computer Engineering, School of Surveying and Mapping Engineering, School of Humanities, School of Science, School of Law, School of Business, School of Foreign Languages, School of Art,School of International Exchange, Donggang College, College of Continuing Education and College of Polytechnic and a PE Teaching and Research Department and 60 majors with disciplines covering the area of economics, law, humanities, science, engineering, agriculture, management and art. There are 3 majors subsumed in the national 1st class unique major construction target list, i.e.: “Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation”, “Chemical Engineering and Technology” and “Aquaculture Science”, 4 provincial unique majors and 6 majors included in provincial unique major construction target list.

HHIT has acquired fully-furnished infrastructures and multi-functional teaching facilities. With altogether 60,000 sets of lab equipment totaling RMB 230 million, it currently has 5 provincial pilot centers of higher education elementary courses, namely Elementary Chemistry, College Physics, Biology, Modern Commerce & Port Logistics and Comprehensive Electromechanics and 25 elementary labs co-established by central and local authorities. The college library has a collection of over 1.47 million volumes including over 1100 kinds of journals both at home and abroad. And meanwhile online library provides access to Superstar Digital Library, China Academic Journal Site of Tsinghua University, Wanfang Data, EBSCO, Elsevier, Springer link, etc. As per the request of modern maritime development, HHIT successfully established Jiangsu Document Service Center of Ocean and Nuclear Energy based on its unique geographic advantages. Besides the academic facilities and resources, it never neglects the construction and perfection of athletic facilities. The indoor and outdoor sports area totally measures over 10,000 including the main playground, the 2nd playground, the main indoor stadium, dragon boat training center, yoga training center, basketball court, volleyball court, tennis court, etc.

HHIT attaches great importance to deepening the reform of teaching materials and methods. It never gives up seeking to introduce a student fostering mode under total credit system and meanwhile steadily propels the implementation of course-selecting system, tutor-supporting system and academy system. With the joint efforts of both teachers and students, the Institute has made great achievements. It has been awarded the Prize of Excellent Teaching Achievement by Ministry of Education and Jiangsu Province many times. In 2010, the Student Dragon Boat Team won the champion of 2000m mixed competition in the First World Dragon Boat Championship. In the recent years, about 700 students have successively won prizes in various provincial and national competitions such as the “Challenge Cup” National Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Planning Competition, China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling,ChinaRobot Competition. Since 2003, the employment rate of graduates has maintained over 95% and every year about 10% of the graduates are enrolled by top universities inChinaas postgraduates.

Insisting on scientific research and social service, HHIT spares no efforts to provide educational and technical support for local economic and social development. Relying on its geographic advantages and powerful research capacity, the Marine Science and Technology undoubtedly ranks top among all the marine disciplines in Jiangsu Province. “Mechanical Engineering” and “Chemical Engineering and Technology” are both successfully selected as provincial focal supported disciplines. “Control Science and Engineering”, “Computer Science and Technology”, “Geomatic Science and Engineering” and “Bioengineering” are subsumed under the list of provincial highlighted disciplines to construct. Given the needs generated from provincial marine development and local economic policy, a series of marine labs and research centers are successively established, namely Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Marine Biotechnology, Jiangsu Marine Resources Development Research Institute, Jiangsu Marine Economy  Research Center, Jiangsu Marine Information and Technology  Center. Approved by Education Department of Jiangsu and Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu on 5 Nov 2010, HHIT  Science Park is currently under construction. In the recent 5 years, teachers in HHIT has managed or participated in 217 provincial scientific research programs and contributed nearly 5,200 academic papers in national and overseas academic journals, among which over 1000 have been subsumed into the three worldwide famous periodical index systems, i.e.: Science Citation Index (SCI)Engineering Index (EI) and Index to Scientific & Technical Proceedings (ISTP). So far, over 110 prizes have been awarded for the outstanding research achievements. Besides, teachers are also keen on scientific invention. As of today, 114 inventions have been patented.

Persisting in the idea of “Opening Up” and “International Cooperation”, HHIT has been striving to make an advanced platform for regional economic and social development and cultural exchange. It enters into cooperation agreements on education and scientific research with many overseas higher education institutions and maintained close relations with many universities and colleges inAmerica,Japan, German,Britain,Canada,Australia,New Zealand,Korea, etc. and also invites overseas senior educational experts to give lectures all year round. Every year, excellent in-service teachers will be selected to continue further education abroad or attend international academic exchange events. So far, several excellent teachers have participated in the compilation and revision of international academic journals. Starting the year 2006, it has launched a “2+2” four-year undergraduate program by cooperating with Whitireia Community Polytechnic. Besides, it also enrolls overseas students all year round.

   At present, by carrying out the national strategy of invigorating China through science and education, and by exerting its advantages to the full, HHIT is making concerted efforts to build it into a multi-disciplinary university with outstanding ocean features.