Hohai University

Campus Facilities


★National Research Institutions

State Key Laboratory of Hydrology-Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering

★Provincial Scientific Research Institutions

Key Laboratory of Integrated Regulation and Resources Development of Shallow Lakes, Ministry of Education

Key Laboratory of Geotechnical Mechanics and Dam Construction, Ministry of Education

Key Laboratory of China South Region Efficient Irrigation & Drainage,Agricultural Soil & Water Environment, Ministry of Education

Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Power Transmission & Distribution Equipment Technology

Key Laboratory of Hydro-Electric Power Engineering, Ministry of Water Resources

Key Laboratory of Structural Mechanics and Hydraulic Structures of Ministry of Water Resources

Key Laboratory of Geotechnical Engineering, Ministry of Water Resources

Key Laboratory of Mechanical and Electrical Control and Automation, Ministry of Water Resources

Key Laboratory of Estuary and Coastal Engineering, Ministry of Water Resources

Key Laboratory of Coastal Disasters and Protection, Ministry of Education

★Municipal Scientific Research Institutions

Changzhou Key Laboratory of digitized manufacturing technology

Changzhou Key Laboratory of Power Transmission & Distribution, and Power Saving TechnologyChangzhou Key Laboratory of Sensor Network and Environmental Perception


 Research Centers

★National Scientific Research Institutions

State Key Engineering Research Center of Efficient Utilization of Water Resources and Engineering Safety

★Provincial Scientific Research Institutions

Engineering Research Center of Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering Safety, Ministry of Education

Engineering Research Center of Dredging Technology, Ministry of Education

Engineering Research Center of renewable power generation technologies, Ministry of Education

Engineering Research Center of Fundamental Transportation Technologies, Jiangsu Province

Engineering Research Center of Geotechnical Engineering Technologies, Jiangsu Province

Engineering Center of Circular Economy, Jiangsu Province

Engineering Center of Water disasters monitoring and decision support system

East Resources Environmental and Sustainability Research Centre

Jiangsu Engineering and Technology Research Center of Large Engineering Foundation Stability and Security Monitoring

Jiangsu Engineering and Technology Research Center of Building Crack Control

Testing Center for Hydraulic Metal Structure Safety, Ministry of Water Resources

Research Center of Reservoir Resettlement Economics, Ministry of Water Resources

Human Resources Research Institute,Ministry of Water Resources

Reaserch and Training Center of Water Conservacy Policy and Legal System

Jiangsu Water Resources and Sustainable Develpment Research Center

Jiangsu Enterprise Internationalization Development

Research Center---Jiangsu Decision-Making Consultation Center

City Environment and Sustanability United Research Center of Ministry of Education

Efficient Irrigation Zone of Ministry of Water Resources

★International Scientific Research Institutions

China-German Institute for Water Resources Management

China-Dutch Cooperative Research Center for Geoenvironmental Engineering

China-Canada Transient Current Emulation and Control Reseach Center

China-German Coastal Engineering Institute

China-America Global Change and Water Circulation Joint Research Center

★Municipal Scientific Research Institutions

Engineering and Technology Research Center of Geosynthetic Materials, Nanjing City

Hohai University Marine and Offshore Engineering Research Center in Nantong

★On-Campus Scientific Research Institution

Research and Development Center of New Materials and New Energy

Higher Education Research Institute

Hydrological forecast Research Institute

Engineering Hydrology and Hydro Meterology Research Institute


Hohai University Librariesare composed of three libraries with a total floor space of 47074.44 square meters.The main library and the Jiangning campus library together cover a floor space of 38108.44 square meters.The Changzhou campus library occupies 8966 square meters.In addition, we have material rooms with 1,020 square meters, and the Shengjun Libraryhas 2.02 square meters.

The libraries contain more than 1,858,000 thousand volumes, including 1,731,000 volumes of books in Chinese or English language, 127,000 volumes of national and international periodicals, and 2,000 kinds of current periodicals.63.1 of Shengjun Printed Books and Literature Librarywere added tothe collection.During thelatest three years, the number of new Shengjun books is increasing at a rate of 6 volumes per year.

By 2004, the libraries contain 27 kinds of net database and CD data-base, including 567,000 volumes of E-books, 88,000 kinds of E-periodicals (30,000 of which are in Chinese), and 223,000 volumes of Shengjun E-literature.Totally, there are 854,000 volumes of Shengjun Printed literature and E-literature in the libraries.Every year the libraries have millions of visitors.

Hohai University Libraries have accumulated experiences after years of development. They are characterized by paper works and E-books on water conservancy and water and electricity engineering, lithologic engineering, ocean engineering, port and sea-rout engineering, coastal engineering, hydrologic and water resources engineering, engineering mechanics, etc.They have fashioned a literature security system that emphasizes the comprehensive exploration, utilization, protection, and development of water resources.Furthermore, Hohai University signed cooperative and shared agreement with all the universities and colleges in Jiangsu Province.This inclusesNanjing Hydraulic Research Institute and other research institutes thoughout Jiangsu Province. Thihs was doneto enrich the resources available for students and teachers.

Since 2004, the libraries have enhanced the project of “Data Resources for Teaching”, and make full use of the resources in order to assist the teaching of undergraduate courses.In cooperation with the Educational Administrationof the University, the libraries have made available the “Administration and Service System for Undergraduate Teaching Resources and Information”.

Since the year 2000 the libraries have adopted HORIZON library automation system for library and information management, and established a local area network (LAN) which is connected with the University Network of Cernet and the Internet.Therefore the University Network can now provide services such as book information searching, E-literatures reading, information of water resources browsing, dissertations of postgraduates in the University, and daily software downloading 24 hours a day.

Hohai University Libraries were authorized as a Novelty Search Unit under the Ministry of Water Conservancy in 1998; in Jiangsu Province in 2000; and under the Ministry of Education in 2004.