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  CCZU covers anarea of 100 hectares in two campuses. Located in Changzhou Science andEducation Town, the university has established close links with otherinstitutes and universities. The university has 1500 full-time staff, over18000 undergraduates and over 1600 post graduates studying in 15 faculties andHuaide College, and over 8000 students studying in the adult learning programs.CCZU offers a wide range of degree programs from PhD to bachelor’s programs, coveringmost academic areas. Research, education and the links with the industry areinteracted in CCZU, which contributes to the continuous improvement of theeducation quality. 

    Research andeducation are interacted in CCZU, which contributes to the continuousimprovement of the education quality. Up till now, the university has won topnational science awards in China, including three second prizes for National Scienceand Technology Progress, and one second prize for National TechnologicalInvention. By the end of 2013, CCZU has undertaken 41 national sciencefoundation projects, 6 national social science foundation projects and won 65provincial science awards and many small projects. Its scientific funds haveamounted to 160 million RMB (about 18.7 million Euros). 

    CCZUemphasizes the internationalization of education. It has signed agreements forcooperative programs and research projects with over 20 renowned overseasinstitutions and enterprises, including institutions in Chile, Finland,Germany, Japan, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, the UK, the US, etc. Theuniversity has also established all-round cooperation with China’s majorcompanies and local enterprises and governments.  

  CCZU enjoys agood environment and infrastructure, covering an area of 100 hectares in twocampuses. Located in Changzhou Science and Education Town, the university hasestablished close links with other institutes and universities, which upgradethe quality of education and research.