The “Study in Jiangsu” Website

Study in Jiangsu ( is an official website run by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education. As a comprehensive and non-profit organization, Study in Jiangsu acts as a liaison between international students and universities in Jiangsu, providing a platform for students to explore and apply to universities of their choice as well as to the many scholarships that are being offered to those students born outside of China.

Services that are offered:

l Database of degree / non-degree programs for all the universities and colleges in Jiangsu

l Information regarding universities and colleges in Jiangsu, such as their top programs, facilities, as well as offered accommodations

l Comparisons of the different programs offered

l Information regarding the different scholarships, including the state, provincial and city government scholarships, as well as the scholarships provided by the university itself;

l A general summary of what is to be expected in Jiangsu;

l Online application forms, allowing students to bypass endless amounts of paperwork and associated shipping fees. Students can also easily track the progress of their applications.

l Online applications for the “Jasmine Scholarship” that is offered by the Jiangsu Provincial Government, as well as the ability to track the progress of the application.

Welcome to Jiangsu!Welcome to Study in Jiangsu!