Educational Cooperation and Exchange with Southeast Asian Nations


Jiangsu Institute of Commerce

JIC recruited the first group of full-time overseas students from ASEAN in 2013.There are in JIC 69ASEAN Students now, all of whom have passedHSK-4after learning in the Institute.JIC is expected to havemore than 100 overseas students from ASEAN in 2015.

Wuxi Vocational Institute of Commerce

Wuxi Vocational Institute of Commerce, founded in 1965, is a state run full-time higher vocational institution gearing to fostering quality technicians and skillful professionals for modern service industry and emerging industries. It attaches great importance to the internationalization of education through the development of the cooperation with outside world in efforts to enhancing the specialty construction and students qualification. Ever since 2005, the Institute has built firm connections with over ten colleges and universities ...

Soochow University in Laos

Soochow University in Laos is the first foreign University approved to establish by the Lao government and also the first overseas university approved by the Chinese government to be established in Vientiane Capital, Lao, PDR.

Nanjing Xiaozhuang University

2+2 Programmes in Software Engineering, Economics and Management with Esa Unggul University, Universitas Internasional Batam and Universitas Islam Indonesia. Students from these 3 universities study for the first 2 years at their home country and then come to Nanjing Xiaozhuang University to study for another 2 years.They can get degrees from both sides if qualified. These programmes began in 2013, and the first cohort students graduated in June, 2015.

Tri-U (China, Japan and Thailand)

Tri-U International Joint Seminar and Symposium, is an annually held international conference, offering young scientists and students a unique opportunity to exchange their ideas over the topics of Population, Food, Energy, Environment and new frontiers, such as ecological development, low carbon, etc. under the theme of The Role of Asia in the World. Some other activities including workshop, cultural exchanges and observation tours are also carefully arranged by the hosts. Jiangsu University will be the host for the 22nd Tri-U International Joint Seminar and Symposium during Oct. 18th to 23rd, 2015.
Since the first session in 1994 initiated by Mie University of Japan, Chiang Mai University of Thailand and Jiangsu University of China, participants benefit a lot in improving scientific researches, enhancing cross-cultural understanding and developing international collaboration. Thus the expansion of such a program has been gradually developed by consensus of the key persons of the conference during the past few years. In 2011 Bogor Agricultural University was newly added as one of the host universities. The participating universities have expanded far beyond the originally three initiators. There are more than 10 universities from China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Russia, Canada and etc. participating in this conference, including ...