WXIC Vocational Training Center in Overseas Chinese Special Economic Zone is Well Under its Way

Wuxi Vocational Institute of Commerce

Wuxi Vocational Institute of Commerce, founded in 1965, is a state run full-time higher vocational institution gearing to fostering quality technicians and skillful professionals for modern service industry and emerging industries. It attaches great importance to the internationalization of education through the development of the cooperation with outside world in efforts to enhancing the specialty construction and students qualification. Ever since 2005, the Institute has built firm connections with over ten colleges and universities from modern countries including Canada, Australia, UK and so on, in a diversity of areas of Business, Accounting, E-Commerce and the like. Since 2006 around 20 teachers have been invited to Korean colleges as lecturers in Chinese, Arts and Design, Information Technology, Culinary Arts and other areas. Over 160 students have been broad for further study and internship, while 10 dispatches of 100 students from Korean colleges coming to study Chinese and Culinary arts since 2008.


The Institute lays stress on the service and cooperation with industries for cultivation standard upgrades and quality assurance of its professionals for the future job competition. In May 2012, to help foster qualified and skillful workers for the Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone (SSEZ) in Cambodia, WXIC signed an agreement with SSEZ to build the SSEZ Vocational Training Center with Hodo Group, one of the 500 major companies in China in the far view of establishment of a comprehensive educational institution for vocational training, elementary education and higher degree education programs.


Opening ceremony of the traing center, 3 SSZE vocational trainging center

The center runs two terms of training programs in areas of Chinese and other specialties every year in its early days fostering qualified workers and managers fairly needed by the industries of the Zone. The Center so far has launched 7 terms of training in 16 specialties and subjects, with a total trainee population of 18000 person-times. Among the learners in the training center, there are some busy yet enthusiastic workers who have to attend lessons while taking care of their children. Some parents even send their children by motorcycles from far distance to attend Chinese classes of children on weekend evenings. They all know from the real cases around them that the master of Chinese communicative skills will bring to them a bright future not only to the children but the whole family. The fact is that those skilled in Chinese communication are paid as high as several times than those who don't know Chinese.

2012年5月,双方正式签订共建西港特区培训中心协议书。无锡商院成立了锡商南洋红豆学院(柬埔寨)筹建办公室,确定了“先开展培训,到学历教育和留学生教育,后成立锡商南洋红豆学院”的“三步走”发展目标。2012年6月,西港特区培训中心在柬埔寨西哈努克港经济特区隆重揭牌。中心每年开展两期培训,先后开办了7期16个班, 开设初级汉语、国际商务管理等10个专业,派出教师16人,培训员工18000人次,不少人经培训由一线操作工升任班(组)长、指导工、翻译和中层管理岗位。能熟练运用汉语交流的柬籍管理人员收入竟能超过其他人好几倍。中心不仅提升了职工的汉语交际能力和专业技术技能, 对当地民众的生活也产生了重大积极影响。正是看到了汉语对他们致富的重要意义,特区员工由被迫带着孩子听课,到的当地村民陪着孩子来学习汉语。汉语不仅影响到孩子的未来生活,甚至是家庭富裕和幸福的希望。

Training class of the Chinese language

The initiative devotion of the Center to the development of the economy of SSEZ and its outstanding contribution to the enhancement of the human resources of Cambodia have drawn great concern from the very beginning. In December 2012, Chinese Ministry of Commerce declared the aid project of building a vocational training center in SSZE with an investment of RMB 60 million, boasting floor area of 7000 ㎡ and a facility capacity for 500 students. In January of 2014, Cambodian Minister of Labour and Vocational Training visited SSZE and declared that the Center to be built will be a training center not only for the human resources deposit for the Zone but also for cultivating skillful workers and managers for industries all over Cambodia. After its completion in the late 2016, the educational quality and population benefited will be highly increased.


Besides Soochow University in Laos, over a hundred Lao students have been studying in Soochow University in China including long term language program, bachelor program and master program. The first batch of Lao students majoring in Finance and Chinese graduated in 2013.

In May 2015, to prepare qualified talents and sophisticated managers, WXIC and SSZE agreed to raise a scholarship for the high school graduates in Cambodia to WXIC to study for higher vocational education programs. In the promotion and recruitment activities, students showed a intense passion for the opportunity and cherished it as the path to their dream of happy life and better life.


With the implementation of Belt and Road strategy and the rapid development of economy in Cambodia and the East-Asian region, SSZE Training Center will undertake more commitments in the supply of high skilled workers and managers. In the coming three years, WXIC and SSZE will work even harder to develop it into a hub of vocational training and cultural communication benefiting both Cambodia and Great Mekong Sub-region to be a model of the vocational training projects serving overseas Chinese business investors.